Dizziness After Childbirth?

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Do you face Dizziness post pregnancy? This could be because of positional vertigo which is severe dizziness that women face post-delivery. The woman feels this dizziness after pregnancy when her head is placed in a certain position.

Some women post-delivery also complain of migraine. This could be because of the hormonal change that happens in her after she delivers the baby.

Dizziness when breastfeeding the baby

New mothers who breastfeed their babies may also feel dizzy. This frightens them about the baby because they are not sure when they may feel dizzy. They thus fear to carry their baby. This dizziness is scary but you can prevent it as well as treated. All that she needs to do is to bring about some dietary and behavioral changes.

It is important that if you suffer from such dizzy spells then you get in touch with your doctor soon. There are rare chances of it developing into some serious complications.

Dizziness postpartum

Breastfeeding mothers when they feed their babies in the side-lying position tend to feel dizzy when they get up known as the benign positional vertigo. The condition does not stay for more than 30 seconds after she stands up.

The dizziness also occurs when the body is dehydrated. It is important to have plenty of fluids all through the day to overcome this condition. This is especially true if you are also breastfeeding your baby. You need to drink fluids to stay hydrated. The body needs lots of fluids to produce milk.

Another reason for dizziness could be because of a drop in the blood sugar levels. The breastfeeding mothers could also feel dizzy because of an ear infection or because she has a cold. The change in the air pressure could also be the reason to feel dizzy. Cardiovascular problems, allergies, and head injury are some other reasons why postpartum mothers may complain of dizziness.


Do not ignore this. You may also are pregnant which could be making you dizzy. Dizziness is a common sign of early pregnancy. Thus if you feel nausea, breast tenderness and dizziness then you may want to go for a home pregnancy test. You may also want to check with your doctor and get a blood test done to confirm your pregnancy.

Treatment for dizziness

Most of the cases of postpartum dizziness may need no medical treatment at all. If you feel dizzy when you stand up then hold on to something and take support. Make sure that you do not pick up your baby until you feel normal. Drink water when you feel dizzy. It also helps if you can eat a small snack that is full of carbohydrate or protein. This steadies your blood glucose levels and treats dizziness. In case you still feel dizzy then contact your doctor soon.


It is important that you understand how to prevent dizziness. Drink lots of water and eat in two to three hours intervals. This will not let you feel dizzy because of low blood sugar or because of dehydration. Get up from your bed slowly and not with a jerk.


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