Does Sciatica Pain Go Away After Pregnancy? An Expert Explains

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Sciatica post pregnancy is a major problem that some women have to go through. This is indeed one of the worst side effects of pregnancy. In the Sciatic nerve pain after pregnancy, the woman feels an intense pain that can be felt on the butt. This pain then radiates to the legs. It gets very difficult to get relief from this pain.

The sciatic pain is caused due to some hormonal changes in the body. This happens in the muscles and the ligaments. It is also caused because of the excess of pressure that the uterus puts on the sciatic nerve when the woman is pregnant. However, the pressure is much less after delivery as the uterus is not carrying the baby anymore and is also small in size.

Along with the uterus shrinking, the hormonal levels also come back to its normal form post pregnancy. This means that many women complain of this pain lesser after they deliver. There are chances that this pain stays even after delivery. In such cases, it is recommended to meet a doctor. The doctor may suggest some therapies to get relief from the condition.

Pregnancy and sciatica pain

Many women experience sciatica pain when they are pregnant. In the majority of cases, it goes all by itself. The woman may do not need to go for any surgery to treat the condition. It is seen that the woman experiences relief around 6 weeks after she delivers.

How to prevent sciatica

You can prevent sciatica in a few cases. For this, you will have to make some lifestyle changes that reduce the condition from being developed. To prevent sciatically make sure to do regular exercises and maintain proper posture when you stand, lift an object and when you are sitting.

How is sciatica diagnosed?

If the sciatica symptoms are mild in nature and it does not prolong beyond 8 weeks then this is acute and will get treated on its own. This does not need any medical attention. You may also have to share your medical history in order to speed up the diagnosis. The doctor may ask you to do some exercise in order to stretch the sciatic nerves.

The doctor may also ask you to get an x-ray and an MRI done if the pain stays beyond 8 weeks. This is to let the doctor know what is causing the nerve to get compressed and causing the problem.


Sciatica could occur because of many medical conditions. The maximum women who suffer from sciatica are because of a slipped disc. The disk is made out of cartilage and this is resilient and strong. This cartilage acts like a cushion that is there between the vertebrae. This lets the spine to be flexible. When the disk is pushed out of its place then this causes a herniated disk. This, in turn, puts pressure on the sciatic nerve.

It is important to know that in most cases sciatica nerve may be caused because of not one single reason.


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