Does your brain act like your baby’s when you are pregnant?

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Pregnancy is a phase that should be rejoiced by every woman. A pregnant mother’s joyful nature will not only keep her health in check but also the health of life inside her womb. Her each moment and every activity impacts her baby. In this period of nine months, she rides an emotional roller-coaster. It could make her happy, sad, emotional and even angry.

Not only does she go through these phases, but a study also shows that pregnant women also suffer from ‘baby-brain’. The research shows that expectant mothers may experience forgetfulness. They could also suffer from cognitive deficiencies and the impact is usually noticeable to them only.

Most common symptoms of a ‘baby-brain’ are increased absent-mindedness and difficulty in staying focused while completing certain tasks.

Studies also observed that cognitive functioning amongst pregnant women is lower than other women. According to a research conducted at Australia University, “General cognitive functioning, memory, and executive functioning were significantly reduced during the third trimester of pregnancy (compared with control women), but not during the first two trimesters.

Longitudinal studies found declines between the first and second trimesters in general cognitive functioning and memory, but not between the second and third trimesters.”

The changes are usually the result of changes in hormone levels. While you are pregnant, your placenta puts out a substance which is referred to as PEG3(Paternally-expressed gene 3 protein). This substance affects the would-be-mothers brain, which also aggravates maternal behavior.

However, even though there is a decline in a woman’s cognitive skills, in maximum cases they normally perform their day to day functionality. Usually, it is only pregnant women who notice these changes.

Researches also suggest that women who suffer from baby-brain become more sensitive like certain sounds. It is normal to experience ‘baby-brain’ during pregnancy as all these changes prepare you for the coming important phase of your life.


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