Driving During Pregnancy

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You are about to witness one of the most amazing and exciting phases of your life. Yes…you are pregnant and here begins a long list of do’s and don’ts. One such thing that has become a topic of debate is whether or not to drive during pregnancy. While getting behind the wheels while being pregnant isn’t something unusual yet it has certainly raised few eyebrows considering the safety aspect. In fact, it’s is a matter of personal convenience and comfort as few women drive throughout their pregnancy that too comfortably while many others find themselves to be exceptionally tired.

However, it is always better to be safe than to be sorry later. Let’s take a quick look at some of the safety measures that will help you sail through your pregnancy safely:

  • Drive Only When Necessary: As your pregnancy progresses, your belly keeps growing and thus get closer to the steering wheel. This might cause a lot of discomfort for you while driving and can also pose a certain level of risk. Consequently, it is in your interest to minimize the frequency of travel or precisely minimize the frequency of driving.
  • Drive Carefully: In order to avoid collisions or accident, you should follow road safety rules. These might include avoiding rash and speedy driving, avoiding the usage of mobile phones during driving and wearing your seat belt for the safety of you and your would-be baby.
  • Avoid Driving During Night: Driving at a stretch and during the night is certainly not recommended for pregnant women. This is because driving during night hours that too at a stretch can cause fatigue and drowsiness and may lead to serious accidents.
  • Keep Yourself Prepared for Emergencies: You are susceptible to several health issues during pregnancy, which certainly increases when you are behind the wheels. It is therefore important to keep your car updated with accessories that might help you in case of an emergency situation is created.
  • Take Short Breaks While Driving: It’s important to take small breaks while driving at a stretch to ensure proper circulation of blood especially in your legs. You may either ask your partner to take over while you take some time to relax and stretch or take short yet regular breaks. This would ensure that you don’t feel tired and fatigued.

While there are no fixed rules, it all boils down to your common sense and your situations. In other words, exercising caution and understanding when you should or shouldn’t be driving can go a long way in ensuring a safe pregnancy journey that too without giving up your craze for driving.

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