Ethanol During Pregnancy

Ethanol During Pregnancy

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Ethanol is a common alcohol form that is used in the preparation of medicines. These are also used in many cosmetic products. This group of medicines falls under the category D of medicines because they are known to cause a number of risks to the health of the baby when the drug is consumed by a pregnant woman.

It is advised that women who are pregnant do not consume drugs that contain ethanol because it could cause a congenital defect in the growth of the fetus. This condition is known as teratogenesis. A small quantity of ethanol may not cause a lot of harm but in case the level of ethanol is high then this could cause the defect that could trigger the condition in the unborn baby.

How much of ethanol is safe

It cannot be determined how much of ethanol is safe for pregnant women and how much could cause the condition of teratogenesis. An animal testing has been done on it.

Ethanol is an alcohol form that is composed differently from what is consumed as a beverage. Ethanol gets absorbed by the human body in a different manner as the alcohol gets absorbed.

It is thought that the consumption of medications that are laden with ethanol does not cause a concentration of the chemical in the human bloodstream because the medications are there for short-term only and gets broken down to small doses all through the day.

Points to remember
  • It is important that a pregnant woman does not consume alcohol when pregnant or when she is trying to conceive
  • Alcohol can cause some severe problems to the health of the baby
  • Alcohol can cause premature birth and other birth defects in the baby.
Ethanol and the health of the baby

Alcohol contains ethanol and thus when you drink alcohol it causes many serious health issues in the baby. The alcohol passes through the placenta and into the umbilical cord of the baby. The placenta is what grows in the womb and gives the baby food and oxygen. If the pregnant woman drinks alcohol during pregnancy then this causes damage to the organs and the brain of the baby. It is true that not even minimal amounts of alcohol are safe when pregnant.

Alcohol can cause problems with the baby’s growth. Alcohol can cause the following conditions in the baby:

  • Premature birth
  • Brain damage and issues with development and growth
  • Birth defects
  • Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
  • Low birth weight
  • Miscarriage
  • Stillbirth


It is important that if you conceive or are planning to get pregnant then you do not drink alcohol. It is important that you do not take chances with the pregnancy and avoid alcohol consumption all throughout. If you need to get help to stop alcohol consumption then talk to your doctor about it.

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