Exercise To Manage Gestational Diabetes

Exercise To Manage Gestational Diabetes

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Gestational diabetes needs to be managed and for that exercising is a must. Gestational diabetes develops when you are pregnant and in most cases, it goes away after you deliver.

Why is it important that you exercise when you have gestational diabetes?

The body when it becomes resistant to the produced insulin during pregnancy causes gestational diabetes. This occurs because the demand for insulin in the body increases because of pregnancy. If you have gestational diabetes then the blood glucose levels in your body become high than what its normal range should be.

One of the ways in which you can lower the levels of blood glucose in your body is by exercising. Exercising helps the muscles to take in more of glucose and the muscles also become sensitive to insulin for some time. This, in turn, leads to a lower level of blood glucose in the body.

So women who suffer from gestational diabetes should follow a healthy diet and also exercise to manage their diabetes and to have a fit pregnancy.

How much exercise is recommended to treat gestational diabetes?

Make sure that you stick to only some moderate forms of workouts for pregnant women when you have gestational diabetes. 30 minutes of exercise every day is more than sufficient. It could be any form of exercise that you are able to do without a lot of strain.

If you did not exercise before you got pregnant then 30 minutes of exercising could be strenuous for you. If that is the case then you could even start with just 15 minutes of exercising. But make sure that you do some sort of an exercise.

Always speak to your doctor in case you feel any discomfort when exercising. The exercise should be such that it is moderate and leaves you out of breath slightly and builds your heart rate and lets you sweat.

Be aware of hypoglycemia

The blood glucose levels in the body get affected by different duration and exercise types. When you do some moderate forms of exercise for a pregnant lady then it does not increase the blood glucose levels in the body but helps to lower it. If you are taking some medication to lower the glucose levels in your body like insulin then if you exercise for long it could cause hypoglycemia.

If you are on medication to lower the levels of blood glucose in your body then speak to the doctor about the risks of exercising.


Exercising during gestational diabetes helps to increase the amount of sugar which the cells can burn. Exercise helps to reduce the levels of blood sugar in your body because of the extra energy that you have spent. This helps to assist in reducing the blood sugar level in the body.

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