Exercises that complement your body after cesarean

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Cesarean or C-section is a delivery method which is carried out when the vaginal delivery poses a risk to the mother. Exercising after cesarean is always an added benefit. You can go for various post pregnancy exercises after cesarean such abdominal exercises, pelvic floor exercises, and physical exercises.

Abdominal exercises

Working on the abdomen reduces the chances of strain in the spine and at the same time helps to retain a good posture. Belly breathing is a great abdominal exercise which keeps the core of the body intact.

Here’s how to perform the exercise.

  • Keep yourself relaxed and lie flat on comfortable bedding such as a couch or a sofa.
  • Adjust your hands on your belly to be in a comforting position.
  • Commence with the process of deep breathing simultaneously press the belly button in towards the spine.
  • It contracts the abdominal muscles and reduces the chances of strain in the abdomen. The exercise needs to be carried on for at least 2 times a day for better results.
Isometric Exercises

Isometric exercises are focused to bring all the muscles at work. Isometric concentrates on the hamstring, pelvic floor muscles, and the lower back. Wall sit is a profound isometric exercise and here’s how to perform the exercise.

  • Stand in a position where your feet are at least a meter away from the wall.
  • Move your body slowly to be in a sitting position where the angle between the hips and the knees is equal to 90.
  • While in a sitting position take deep breathes and begin to feel that you are pulling the belly button towards the wall.
  • Hold this position till your body allows it to. Keep in mind that you need to have short breaks of a minute each to have rest.
Massaging exercises

Massage provides relief and does not allow the scar during C-section to cause any danger. Under it, the scar is required to have a massage for it is one of those post-pregnancy exercises after cesarean which does not force the body to work hard yet works like a magic wand.

  • Pull the skin around the scar with your fingers while lying down on the ground.
  • Massage it in a back and forth as well as side to side direction and observe whether the two directions respond.
  • Increase the massage’s pace whenever you feel comfortable.
  • Exercise this only after your doctor allows to move the scar.

After Cesarean, it is advisable to inch towards rehabilitation once your body gets accustomed to the cuts and the stitches applied that is when it gets healed leaving behind a scar. You can perform gentle exercises which are directed to make the lower body work. The affected area in C-Section is abdomen and the pelvis region thus, they are to be kept under regular workout plans. It is mandatory to not to push the body too hard and cause any damage.

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