Fashion Guide for Pregnant Women

Fashion guide for pregnant women
By : Kavita Manjrekar

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Now that you’re pregnant, you might be figuring out how to deal with your closet for the coming nine months. It goes without saying that one size doesn’t fit all when we talk about maternity styling. Style and comfort are the primes which can’t be ignored as far as dressing during pregnancy is concerned. A style which perfectly flatters your body during second or third trimester might be weird during the end of your pregnancy. You have to identify which styles look great on your body with a parallel growing baby bump.

Pregnancy is surely an exciting time. Both of you are gearing up for one of the most beautiful moments of your lifetime- the parenthood. Over a period of nine months, you will have a huge belly, swollen ankles and feet, you need to dress your new body shape in the best way possible. You have a whole new reason to go shopping not just for baby clothes, but the maternity clothes as well. Gone are the days when shapeless smocks were in fashion. In this article, we will talk about the best fashion tips so that you can have a stylish nine months ahead!

  • Wear lightweight and breathable fabrics:

When you’re piecing an outfit together, your first priority should be beating the summertime heat. Pick pieces which will keep you and the baby cool & comfortable. You can consider going for airy and lightweight pieces. As a parent-to-be, you should pick breathable and natural fabrics such as cotton or linen to keep yourself as comfy as possible. It’s worth noting that one should stay away from silk fiber clothes. Since it’s a protein fiber, it stains quickly. Opt for darker pieces for bottoms and lighter tops. This way you can look amazing while staying coordinated with your clothing taste.

  • Tank tops and layered look:

As time passes during your pregnancy, your body temperature will vary. As the months’ pass, you will feel increasingly warm. You can easily avoid the discomfort by dressing in layers. Not only it will keep you comfortable, but it will also help you beat the hot weather. Inexpensive stretchy maternity tank tops paired with a denim unbuttoned jacket and jeans are perfect for you. When picking your maternity clothing, you should never forget to pick pieces which are flexible around your midsection. As belly will experience an increased bump and baby action, it’s advised to steer clear of waistbands and constricting belts.

  • Avoid over-sized clothes:

Do you want to look bigger than you actually are? Wearing over-sized clothing can make you look big and can totally kill your stylish endeavors. When dressing for your maternity, you should prefer figure-hugging clothes. Don’t worry it won’t make you look fat. Not only these type of clothing would make you look slimmer but will show off your beautiful curves. So, to look fabulous get form fitted tops, pants and ditch over-sized clothes. Another opulent fashion tip for pregnant ladies is to pair a fitted item with a looser one, thus accentuate your figure.

  • Dress for the workplace:

You will be in need of suitable workhorse clothing which can go-on without sacrificing your comfort. One can consider embracing the wrap dress. Pick color blocked patterns or solid colors, this will boost your slimness, thus embrace your curves. You’ll look amazing in a wrap dress and can also finish office errands without any discomfort. As mentioned earlier, comfort and style is the key while dressing during pregnancy. What feels right in week 8 may feel downright by week 14. As your bump gets bigger & higher, you can simply change the place you tie.

  • Trade your heels for flats:

Wearing high heels during your pregnancy is probably a bad idea. Your swollen feet can make walking in heels very difficult. Not only the feet, as you progress and the baby grows you’ll become more unstable. However, worry not! This doesn’t mean you’ll have to settle for any monotonous pair of shoes. Don’t shy away from investing in comfortable, roomy and attractive flats. Always remember that gorgeous flats can easily harmonize the rest of your maternity wardrobe. Never settle for something fuddy-duddy, pregnancy doesn’t mean style sacrifice.

You should never take these nine months for granted. Feel good, look amazing and embrace your changing body. Take care of your new body while staying comfortable with what you pick to wear. Accessories are your friend. Not only they can be worn before, during and after your pregnancy, but accessories can also condition an entire look. Stay open to trying new sizes, prefer fabrics with stretch and always look for flexible designs.


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By : Kavita Manjrekar

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