Activities during Pregnancy FAQs

The schedule for normal uncomplicated pregnancy is as follows:

  • Monthly appointment till 28 weeks of pregnancy
  • Two to three week gap for appointments with doctor for week 28 to week 36
  • Weekly appointment from 36th week till delivery.

For normal pregnancy without complication exercise is recommended by all doctors.  This could be special exercises and yoga to tune your body for the rigors of carrying a baby and delivery.  However it is best to consult your doctor as to what exercise regime is to be followed by you during various stages of pregnancy.  Your doctor, depending on the progress of your pregnancy may advise you to exercise more or abstain depending on your medical condition. A general precaution is to exercise moderately so that you do not get too tired and your heart rate is in the acceptable limits.

Contact with soil can be toxic if there are feces mixed in it and these can cause infections.  Hence it is advisable to wear gloves and wash hands thoroughly when you make contact with soil. Otherwise there is no restriction on gardening.

Painting involves exposure to paint fumes which could be toxic in lead based paints.  In addition painting involves climbing on ladders and or high stools which are best avoided when carrying a baby.  Lastly the motion of painting left to right or up and down strains the back muscles which are already under pressure from carrying the baby.  All things considered it is best to avoid painting while one is pregnant.

The issue is debatable.  Some hair dyes contain chemicals which if absorbed through the scalp could be harmful to your baby.  However this absorption is very minute and hence the harmful effects are debatable.  It is advisable not to use chemical hair dyes in the first trimester to play it safe.  Herbal dyes on the other hand will not affect you.  Consult your doctor before you try a full hair dye job.

It is necessary to take care of your teeth and gums during pregnancy.  To ensure safe treatment it is advisable to inform your dentist regarding your pregnancy status before any treatment is done.  This will ensure that if x-rays are required your uterus is properly shielded.  Local anesthesia has no harmful affects. Any questions by your dentist are best answered by your doctor.

Traveling by car poses no risks as long as you wear a seat belt properly.  The seat belt should not be across the baby bump but should be below or above it.  During air travel you may need to check with the airlines as certain airlines have restrictions based on the stage of your pregnancy especially in the last month.  Try to stand or walk a little during long trips.  You need to plan your trips taking into consideration availability of obstetrical care in case of an emergency.

A high risk pregnancy is associated with women who have an existing medical condition such as hypertension, diabetes or diagnosed cardiac problems. History of fetal abnormalities can also be a cause of a high risk pregnancy.  Non medical reasons like substance abuse or drugs, psycho-social problems, spousal abuse can also be reasons for a high risk pregnancy. Just age above 35 years does not make women high risk if pregnant as long as she is healthy