HDoc is a single and comprehensive online platform which is available on the web and mobile, that collaborates various entities in a seamless manner to provide end consumer an enriched experience and improved medical care.

HDoc can be the primary system at a doctor’s clinic if no other system is in use and allows doctors to easily manage their profile that a patient sees online. It can manage appointments, prescriptions, group formation and online-consultations and e-Wallet. The Doctor can generate his own profile to be viewed by patients and can socially interact with patients.

If Doctor or hospital is using an EHR or Hospital Information system, HDoc can become an adjunct system.

  • Past Prescriptions & Lab reports
  • Medicine adherence 
  • Body vitals like Weight, Heart rate, Exercise done, etc.
  • Symptoms Log which patient can generate

HDoc is also used by Nutritionist and Physiotherapist & Exercise instructors to prescribe and monitor diet and exercise information. Medicine, Instructions, Diet and Exercise are input to an automated care plan for a patient.

Templates are available to providers to increase their efficiency. HDoc also helps in saving time by giving online consultation services, where doctors can directly connect with their patients and guide them.

HDoc leverages new age technology to build an advanced integrated health care delivery model, which facilitates seamless online search for nearby and verified doctors, health outreach initiatives, thereby paving the way for enhanced access to medical care.