HELLP Syndrome: The hidden Pregnancy impediment

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Pregnancy has many types of complications involved in it. One of these inconveniences is HELLP Syndrome. HELPP Syndrome is a diversified version of preeclampsia. Both of these conditions are similar. Most of the time they occur during the pregnancy or after the delivery. This is a severe disease which could lead to death if not treated.

HELLP stands for H – Hemolysis, EL- Elevated Liver Enzymes, LP – Low Platelet Counts

It was named by Dr. Louis Weinstein after its characteristics. The identification of HELPP syndrome is not easy. It can be more troublesome to diagnose when the person suffering does not have high blood pressure and there is an absence of protein in the urine. Many times it is mistaken for common pregnancy ailments such as headache, nausea, vomiting, stomach ache, etc.


The signs of HELLP Syndrome start appearing after 28 weeks of pregnancy during which final weight gain takes place. The symptoms of HELLP Syndrome are similar to that of preeclampsia. The initial symptoms of HELLP syndrome and preeclampsia are the same. These symptoms are Headache, vomiting, Shoulder pain while breathing, blurred vision, Bleeding, and Swelling.

If High Blood pressure and Protein in urine is diagnosed then there is a high possibility that the mother is suffering from HELLP syndrome.


There are no straightforward tests which can determine it. Be that as it may, the finding of the disorder is testing, particularly because of the fluctuation in the signs and side effects and the absence of agreement among medicinal services experts. Similitudes to different conditions, just as would be expected pregnancy highlights, normally lead to misdiagnosed cases or all the more regularly, deferred conclusion.

The three primary symptomatic criteria of HELLP disorder includes hepatic brokenness, thrombocytopenia and microangiopathic hemolytic in patients suspected to have preeclampsia.


Women who have preeclampsia are the ones who are susceptible to HELLP Syndrome. The cause of HELLP Syndrome is still unclear and it can only be asserted by seeing some of the symptoms which occur in preeclampsia coupled with pregnancy-induced Hypertension (High BP), some cases where this is absent. There are some risk factors which increase the chances of a woman developing HELLP Syndrome.

  • Prior to pregnancy with HELLP Syndrome,
  • preeclampsia developed during pregnancy.
  • Age over 25
  • Skin color being white
  • Given birth more than 2 times

3 Types of classes have been defined in HELLP Syndrome, according to the platelet count in the body. Class I is the highest where the platelet count is below 50,000. Class II ranges from 50,000 – 100,000 and Class III ranges from 100,000 – 150,000.


Currently, the best treatment for this syndrome is the delivery of the baby. The Symptoms slowly but steadily start to withdraw itself from the body. As soon as the placenta is detached from the body, the signs and symptoms are permanently gone. Blood transfusion is done in the cases where the platelet counts are very low.

If there is an imminent danger to the mother then corticosteroid is given to the mother which quickens the growth of lungs of the baby.

There are currently no ways to prevent HELLP Syndrome, however, early diagnosis can help in better treatment. As HELLP Syndrome is related to preeclampsia, keeping a healthy diet, regular exercise and maintaining the blood pressure and not taking too much stress can prevent this.



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