High Risk Pregnancy Guidelines

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A high-risk pregnancy is where the mother or the baby has a high risk of problems related to their health. The health issues could develop before, during or even after the pregnancy. It is important that if the woman is at a higher risk of high-risk pregnancy then she be monitored and taken special care of all through her pregnancy. It is also important that one understands the risk factors and what can be done to take care of.

Understand high-risk pregnancy

When the pregnancy is high risk then this means that for the woman to have a successful pregnancy and labor she needs to be given additional care. The risk is high when the woman suffers from any chronic illness or has some condition that increases her chances of developing a high-risk pregnancy.

It could even be possible that the pregnancy begins normally but later develops into a high risk one. Whatever be the cause, a high-risk pregnancy could cause complications for the mother as well as for the baby. The problems could either be a minor one or a major one that could turn out to be life-threatening.

Risk factors of high-risk pregnancy

Many times a woman develops a condition of the high-risk regency because of a medical condition that she had before she conceived. The other factors that could cause a high-risk pregnancy are:

  • If the age of the mother is over 35 years of age
  • The lifestyle choices of the woman like smoking and drinking alcohol
  • A chronic condition like diabetes, hypertension, breathing problems, and deep vein thrombosis
  • Surgical history on the uterus or a condition of surgery on the abdomen
  • Complications related to pregnancy like the abnormal position of the placenta
  • Multiple pregnancies where the woman is carrying twins or multiples of higher order
Prenatal care in high-risk pregnancy

In case of a high-risk pregnancy, the woman will need to make frequent prenatal visits since she will be monitored closely. The woman may also be referred to a specialist in case the condition is severe. The care that a woman receives will depend on her circumstances and her condition. The specialist will ensure that the mother has a healthy pregnancy and the baby is born healthy.

High-risk pregnancy and labor

High-risk pregnancy could cause problems in labor. One who has a high-risk pregnancy should not consider homebirth or giving birth in a birthing center. She should consider delivering in a hospital. This is because she needs specialized equipment and monitoring for the birthing process.

In a high-risk pregnant woman who is carrying multiples are at high risk of going into labor soon. High-risk pregnancy mostly leads to preterm labor. High-risk pregnancy could make a vaginal birth risky and in such cases, the woman would have to opt for a C-section.


To prevent a high-risk pregnancy or in case you know that you are already at high risk you need to take some precautions. A preconception appointment is a must to know which vitamins would the woman need to prevent a high-risk pregnancy. Regular prenatal care should be taken to monitor the health of the baby. Eating a healthy diet and gaining weight properly also avoids high-risk pregnancy.

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