HMom is a medical app and comprehensive pregnancy management platform. It caters to various care and engagement needs of a pregnant woman.

A pregnant women using HMom can be in constant online and offline connect with a verified doctor. Through the App she can use services like appointment booking, chat session with a doctor and view her past prescriptions and records. She can also connect with other women in similar situation through social groups and be in constant connect with the Healtheoz Care Coordinators.

Her body vitals, symptoms, medicine adherence and personalized diary can be recorded, monitored and shared. System provides reminders, notifications and messages on occurrence or omission of any event or activity. Personalized messages are given to her by our Bot Jessica or care coordinators based on her journey through the pregnancy.

HMom also helps the patients to record their day to day pregnancy journey through pictures and videos in their personal diary. It also helps patients to stay updated with daily feeds, notifications and with the latest journals, medical guidelines, FAQs knowledge based articles, blogs, etc. HMom facilitates social group interaction with patients with the similar stage of pregnancy.

HMom is made for pregnant women to make her nine-month journey a whole lot easier.

Hence constant care, engagement, connect and right content is available to a pregnant woman 24×7 during her pregnancy and she can cherish it without any apprehensions.