How To Get Rid Of Post Pregnancy Belly

How To Get Rid Of Post Pregnancy Belly

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Many pregnant women feel that they will get back their pre-pregnancy tummy once they deliver the baby. However, this does not happen. Even after childbirth, you will still have a round belly that will make you look as if you are still carrying. So how to get rid of the baby belly?

You will also have the stretch marks and the dark line that runs down the abdomen. Those who have had a C-section delivery will have an additional scar because of the surgery. It is important that you keep patience and give time for your after birth bellies to get back to shape.

The belly does not get back to the pre-pregnant size immediately after delivery. It is slow and steady progress and can be achieved with the right diet and exercise.

How can you tone down your pregnancy belly?

It requires a little bit of hard work to get your post-pregnancy belly down to the pre-pregnancy size. To lose your belly fat here is what you should do.

  • It is important that you do some moderate exercises and to start with slow walks are the best. It is good enough even if you walk some short distance. This is enough to start burning calories. Eventually, you can increase the intensity by jogging and then running. You can also involve your baby in these exercises. Place the baby in the stroller and start walking or jogging with the baby.
  • Start doing some strength exercise like Pilate and yoga. You could do some pelvic tilts and then keep adding on to the exercises. The idea of exercising post-delivery is to go slow and not stain yourself
  • It is important that you think carefully about what you eat. Your diet should include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, include lean meat and protein in your diet. Low-fat dairy food is a good choice. However, take care that to lose your belly fat you do not have to starve yourself. If you skip your meals then it lowers your metabolism that makes it even more difficult to lose your belly fat
  • Breastfeeding also helps to reduce belly fat. Those mothers who breastfeed their babies lose the belly fat much faster. This is because the body releases the oxytocin hormone when you breastfeed and this causes the uterus to shrink and contract in size much faster. This lets you lose your belly fat. You also burn many calories when you breastfeed because the body consumes energy to produce breast milk.

Losing the belly fat is a slow process and it takes time. It is important that you give your body ample time to get cured and only then concentrate on working harder to reduce the belly fat.

Nine months took to grow that belly and so keep patience because it is going to take some time to lose it. It is advised that you drink lots of water all through the day because it helps to keep your body hydrated. This helps the skin to be elastic, helps to lose weight and is good for your health in general.


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