How to take care of a pregnant wife

How to take care of a pregnant wife?
By : Khyati Singh

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Expecting a child is one of the most related experience for a couple’s life. It goes without saying that pregnancy is a delicate time. The plethora of hormonal, emotional and physical changes that come along with pregnancy can overwhelm anyone. It is at this time your wife will need your support more than ever. During the pregnancy period, a woman’s hormones are raging. From being often exhausted, countering morning sickness to be at doctors’ for checkups, she needs her partner the most.

So, what can men do? Now that you’ve found out that your baby is on the way, you might be wondering what you can do to make the life of your wife easier for the next nine months. Don’t forget that by being there for your pregnant wife, you’re just helping her out, but you’re fulfilling your responsibility as a loyal husband & a father. Are you wondering what you can really do? In this article, we will talk about the 7 loving ways through which you can take care of your pregnant wife.

  • Staying positive, always

One of the first things which you can do for your pregnant partner is to stay positive about the pregnancy period, labor and childbirth. Never talk about sleepless nights, sagging skin, labor pains, etc. with her. The last thing you want is she planting a seed of fear in her mind. Forget what others experienced during their pregnancy. It would be wise to mention that each and every woman out there is different. Everyone has a different state of mind. You should praise her choices, motivate her, tell her she can do it and support her. There is beauty in the madness of becoming a parent.

  • Educate yourself

You can only help when you really get what she’s going through. Learning and reading about pregnancy can bridge the gap between a husband and a pregnant wife. She will definitely feel less alone once her partner starts exhibiting an understanding of her physical and emotional demands. Learn about her mood swings, understand how massively her hormones are changing, don’t freak out if she cries over something small. What comes as a noting fact is that once you educate yourself, she won’t have to explain anything to you once the labor starts.

  • Take care of her physically

Depending upon the week she’s in, your partner might have to visit the doctor frequently. You can go with her to doctor appointments. Don’t forget that she needs help physically once she’s out there. Help her walking up the stairs, keep her away from as much as heavy physical activities. Again, going to appointments with her if not all, but most are very important. This prepares you for your new role as a parent. Make her nighttime sleeping arrangements as comfy as possible. It might be difficult for her to have a sound sleep. She might become moody from lack of sleep, embrace her without a second thought.

  • Take care of her emotionally

As mentioned earlier, your wife is going through an influx of hormones during her pregnancy. You have to be as patient as possible with her mood swings. Never forget to have compassion for her discomforts. The physical changes your partner is going through can be very uncomfortable and overwhelming. It might even be painful sometimes, never dismiss anything she complains about. She may complain about pelvic pain or backaches, help her with body massages. Do as much as you can to ease the pain and symptoms, you may consult a doctor as well.

  • Keep a check on food and hygiene

It goes without saying that deep care must be taken regarding her food habits because it certainly can influence the growth of the baby. Experts recommend carbs rich diets such as rice, bread, and wheat. Get her to eat plenty of fruits and green vegetables. She would definitely need fiber and protein to keep the hormones going, milk, boiled eggs, and pulses are crucial for her. To make the diet balanced, fish rich in omega fatty acids are a must. Keep the bed clean! Try to change the bedsheets every day and add disinfectant while washing her clothes.

  • Visit a birthing class with her

As a couple undergoing the pregnancy period, it is important to prepare her about what to expect in labor and ways to deal with it. Empower her with bits and pieces of information so that the birth will be more peaceful for her. Though a birthing class is not mandatory, it’s not extra either. Learn how you can help her cope with the pregnancy. Offer her water frequently, rub her back, compliment her, stare into her eyes and stay confident. Always remember that pregnancy can make you sore and tired, it takes a lot out of your body. Pamper her when you can!

  • Be sensitive

As her husband, you should try to be sensitive toward her changing lifestyle. You can consider adopting or dropping a certain number of habits. For instance, women are required to give up alcohol and caffeine during their pregnancy, you can show your support by doing the same. Not only this would make her feel better, but this will also bring you closer together. Try to be as available as possible and let your wife talk. Listening to whatever she says create a safe place for her emotions. Further, she will feel confident that you’re there for her and her child.

Your partner is most vulnerable during her labor. Once she hit the labor, she might scream at you, she might groan and moan. She may want absolute silence or complete privacy, remember this, she is in pain and you need to do what she says. Once the baby is in your hands, she will start being herself again and will become more and more normal. Always adore the fact that there is no better feeling than the movement of life inside of her.


3 thoughts on “How to take care of a pregnant wife?
By : Khyati Singh

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