HPV Human Papillomavirus

 HPV Human Papillomavirus

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 HPV Human Papillomavirus: Symptoms, Cure, and Precautions to be Taken during Pregnancy

If you are sexually active women then you too might be at risk of getting infected with HPV (Human Papillomavirus). In fact, HPV infection is a very common sexually transmitted disease amongst females and is prevalent all across the globe. Since HPV is associated with cervical cancer, HPV genotypes are usually classified as low-risk and high-risk with high-risk viruses infecting the mucosal squamous epithelium and causing various malignant diseases including cervical cancer.

Does HPV have an Adverse Effect on Pregnancy?

Though, not much information is available regarding the effect of this viral infection during pregnancy; yet no evidence supporting any association with risk of birth defects has been found. However, researches conducted reveal that HPV has been detected in placentas of women who delivered preterm. Apart from this, this infection has also been known to cause spontaneous abortion but nothing has yet been confirmed. Though, in extremely rare cases, human papillomavirus has been known to be transmitted to the fetus during delivery resulting in birth defects such as laryngeal papillomatosis.  So, it can be inferred that this virus rarely affects your pregnancy or the health of your unborn baby.

What are the Symptoms of HPV Infection during Pregnancy?

In most cases, there are no noticeable symptoms and even if there are, it doesn’t show off too early and might take a few months to almost a year to show up. A person affected with genital HPV may develop genital warts that are extremely contagious.  Research conducted by researchers reveals that people getting sexually intimate with a partner having warts have high chances of developing warts themselves. Genital warts usually develop around the genital areas such as vulva, vagina, around the anus, on the cervix, and in the rectum.  Though, very rare, people involved in oral sex might develop warts in their mouth if one of them is infected and has warts.

What are Warts and how to do Away with them?

Warts may appear to be large, small, raised or even flat. A person might either develop single or multiple warts that might give a cauliflower-like an appearance. These soft and light colored growths are usually painless yet may occasionally create a burning and itching sensation. In some cases, these warts may go away on their own that too within three months. However, in most cases, proper treatment is required to clear them up. But the best part is that in most cases the body’s immune system keeps a check on the virus and even destroys it. In fact, most pregnant women affected by it get rid of this within a year or so after being diagnosed with it.

How to Manage HPV during Pregnancy?

Though HPV vaccines are readily available, their usage isn’t recommended for pregnant women.  In fact, no drugs are effective to eliminate this virus, especially during pregnancy. So, if you too have been affected by HPV then your doctor may avoid treating them during pregnancy as warts or other symptoms may get better post childbirth.

Final Words:

HPV being a contagious sexually transmitted disease requires a lot of precaution from the partners. The best way to prevent HPV is to avoid sexual contact with an infected partner and avoid sexual contact with multiple partners.

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