Infections In Pregnancy That May Affect Your Baby

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A would-be mother has to worry about any things like her diet and her weight gain etc. There are also many infections that could happen to a mother when she is pregnant and that could affect the health of the unborn baby.

Infections in pregnancy that is dangerous for the baby

The body makes may antibodies to fight the bacteria and viruses that we develop through our lives. Here are some of the infections in your pregnancy that could pose a problem to the baby.


Chickenpox in pregnancy is dangerous for the mother as well as the child. If you think that you suffer from chickenpox then seek advice with your doctor soon.


Cytomegalovirus or CMV is a virus from the herpes group and this could cause cold and chickenpox. If infected with it in pregnancy it could cause many problems to the baby in the womb. It could lead to learning difficulties, hearing problems and visual problems for the baby.

Group B streptococcus

This is a bacteria that is found in the vagina and the intestine. It is mostly safe in pregnancies but it could cause serious illness to the baby if group B strep tends to infect the baby.

Hepatitis B

This virus affects the liver. Those infected will show no illness symptoms but the infection could infect the others. If the mother has hepatitis B in pregnancy then this could be transmitted to the baby. The pregnant woman has to undergo a blood test to check for hepatitis B. Those babies who are at serious risk of having hepatitis B should be given the hepatitis B vaccination.

Hepatitis C

This infection infects the liver and the virus gets transmitted when it comes in direct contact with the infected blood. If the woman has hepatitis C then this infection could pass down to the baby.


Herpes is dangerous for the baby. It could occur because of contact with the genitals or from oral sex too. If the first infection happens in pregnancy then there are treatments available. If the infection appears towards the end of the pregnancy then the doctor would recommend a C-section to prevent the infection to pass to the baby.


An HIV or human immunodeficiency virus test will be done at the pregnant woman’s prenatal check-up. If the mother is in good health but has HIV but does not show any symptoms then this may not affect her pregnancy. However, she can pass the infection to the baby during her pregnancy, at the time of birth or even when she is breastfeeding.


The baby developing in the mother’s womb gets everything from her. However, if the mother gets sick, then the infection passes through the placenta during the main stages of the baby’s development. If the condition is not diagnosed early or if the mother does not get the necessary treatment on time then it could cause a lot of harm to the baby.

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