Is A Non-Vegetarian Diet Safe During Pregnancy?

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The diet that you follow during your pregnancy is important because it affects your health and the unborn baby’s development. When making a list of food to include in the diet in pregnancy most women struggle to find an answer to whether it is safe to have non-vegetarian food during pregnancy.

Non-Veg during pregnancy, is it safe?

Some of the non-vegetarian food has potassium and cholesterol and it can increase your weight. In addition, the oil in the non-veg food sometimes not suitable for pregnant women. But is non-veg is harmful to pregnancy? The good news is that, many non-vegetarian items food that you can include in your diet when you are pregnant.

What to include and what not to

Here is your cheat sheet of the Non-Veg diet pregnancy products that are safe and unsafe to consume when pregnant.

  • Chicken is safe during pregnancy because it has protein, vitamins, and essential amino acids. The breast protein also has a low-fat content which helps to increase metabolism.
  • Egg whites are safe to consume because they are rich in proteins. However, make sure to not consume eggs which are undercooked or uncooked.
  • Lamb and turkey can also be consumed because these are rich in nutrients.
  • Fish is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids and these are essential for the pregnant woman. But make sure that you do not consume fish that is rich in mercury like shark, shrimp, swordfish, etc.
  • Consumed Mutton less because it heats up the body.
  • Avoid Sushi.
  • When eating non-vegetarian food it’s best that you eat only home cooked food.
Excess of anything is bad
  • Chicken is a safe food that you can eat, but do not eat it daily. It induces heat so make sure that you eat it in moderation.
  • Egg whites are safe but egg yellows need to avoid because all that it has is cholesterol.
  • Turkey needs to be taken only in fewer quantities. Also, make sure to not eat fish that is rich in mercury.
  • Mutton is rich in cholesterol so it is not recommended to consume when pregnant. The same applies to pork and beef.

Every woman pregnancy is unique and thus it is important that you consult your doctor to understand what you can consume and what you can avoid. You may also have a craving for Non-Veg in pregnancy so ask your doctor what you can eat.


There are many benefits of having a non-veg diet for pregnancy. Non-vegetarian food is a rich source of vitamins, proteins, and minerals. It also has a form of iron that gets absorbed by the body easily. And it’s not harmful when you eat a non-vegetarian diet when you are pregnant. It is best that you have a portion of non-veg food daily because it gives you the essential fatty acids and also helps in the growth of the fetus. Make sure that you include lots of fresh vegetables too along with the non-vegetarian food and avoid the non-vegetarian food items that are harmful.

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