Is Your Baby Is Getting Enough From Breastfeeding

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New mothers worry about their child not getting sufficient breast milk and the adequate nutrition that her baby needs. It is,however, not possible for the mother to understand how much milk her nursing baby is actually drinking. Here are the signs that will let you know if your baby is getting the required quantity of breast milk.

Your breastfeeding baby is getting the right quantity of breast milk if:

  • Your breast feels soft after you nurse your baby. This happens because the baby has emptied the milk that was making your breast firm
  • Your baby feels satisfied and does not be cranky after nursing
  • Your babies weight gain is proper and she has gained the weight that she had lost post birth.
  • Your baby wets six diapers at least in a day. In the first few days afterbirth, the baby will be feeding on colostrum. On these days, the baby will wet not more than two diapers in a day.However, after your baby starts to feed on the regular breast milk she will start to wet more diapers each day
  • The baby will pass at least three stools each day in the first month of birth. After around the seventh day,the stool becomes mustard in color. Her bowel movements will start to get irregular after she is a month old.
What happens when the baby does not get sufficient breast milk?

Most mothers will be able to produce milk and give adequate nutrition that her baby needs. However, at times, the baby may not get enough milk from the mother. When this happens, the baby starts to suffer from dehydration and does not gain sufficient weight. This condition is an uncommon one but it is a serious condition and has to be addressed.

If you think that your baby is not getting enough milk, you will have to consult your doctor and a lactation consultant. At the lactation consultant’s clinic, you will have to feed your baby and the consultant will give you tips on how to be successful at breastfeeding.

Is your baby attached properly?

One major problem that new mothers face when breastfeeding is that their babies do not latch properly.This makes breastfeeding painful and it leads to most mothers to switch to formula milk instead. Here are the signs that will let you know if your baby is attached well.

  • The baby’s mouth takes in a large mouthful of the breast
  • The baby’s chin is touching on the breast and its lower lip is rolled towards the downside. The nose should not be squashed to the breast
  • No pain is felt on your nipples when the baby is feeding. The first few sucks,however, could feel strong
  • Most of the Areola or the dark skin is seem around the nipple above the top lip of the baby and less towards the bottom lip.

There are many health benefits of breastfeeding your baby, both for the mother and the child. It is important that you get the required guidance and the equipment that will help to make your breastfeeding journey easy. Most new mothers find it challenging at first to breastfeed their new born babies. However,with time, it gets easy. If you ever feel that your child is not getting adequate milk then meet your doctor who can assist you with the same.

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