Medical Termination Of Pregnancy

Medical Termination Of Pregnancy

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Medical abortion of pregnancy is a procedure where medication is used to end a pregnancy. Here the patient does not need any surgery or anesthesia and the procedure can be started at home or in the hospital after which the patient has to come for regular follow-ups.

It is safe to get a medical termination of pregnancy in your first trimester. This is when it is also the most effective.

The procedure

Opting for a medical abortion is a personal decision. It does come with many emotional and psychological concerns. If you are planning to opt for a medical pregnancy termination then understand that the procedure comes with side effects and risks.

When you choose to medically abort the pregnancy then you will be asked to take an abortion pill. A hormone called progesterone is needed for the pregnancy to grow. The pill stops the progesterone hormone in your body. When you take the pill, you could feel nauseated or you may complain of bleeding. This is not natural so consult your doctor who will advise some antibiotics in order to prevent the infection. You will then be given another medication after around 6 to 48 hours of taking the abortion pill. This is used to empty your uterus and will cause bleeding and cramping.

The bleeding and cramping could start early too. You may observe large clots of blood during the abortion. It is as if you are having a heavy period. The cramping and the bleeding will continue until the pregnancy tissues are passed out. This starts to slow down once the tissues are out.

Your doctor may advise you some pain relief medication before taking the abortion pill to help you with the cramps. You could suffer from some spotting a few weeks after the abortion.

After that, you will have to go for some follow-up doctor visits where the doctor would ask you to get an ultrasound and some blood tests done. This is done to ensure that the abortion was successful.

Side effects and risks of medical pregnancy termination

The risks of medical termination of pregnancy could include:

  • An incomplete abortion which would need a surgical abortion
  • The procedure may not work which could cause an unwanted pregnancy to go on
  • Bleeding for a long time and with heavy discharge
  • Fever
  • Infection
  • Discomfort indigestion


The reason why someone may choose an abortion is personal. It could be because of some early miscarriage or to abort an unwanted pregnancy. It could also be because one is suffering from a pregnancy life-threatening disease.

Whatever may be the reason you need to be sure that you want to opt for an abortion. This is because the procedure is challenging emotionally and also comes with side effects and risks. If you decide to continue with the pregnancy after taking the medication for abortion then this could cause many serious complications to your pregnancy. Medical termination of pregnancy may not affect any future pregnancies unless you develop some complication.

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