Metallic Taste In Mouth During Pregnancy

Metallic Taste In Mouth During Pregnancy

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Have you or anyone you know experienced a strange metallic taste in their mouth during pregnancy? Many women complain of having a metallic taste when they are pregnant, something like they are having a coin in their mouth. This is something that they experience even when they are not eating. This is known as dysgeusia.

When do you experience this strange taste during your pregnancy?

Dysgeusia is a common symptom that one experiences in pregnancy. The symptom usually occurs in the first trimester. As per statistics, more than 93% of women experience some change in their taste buds during their pregnancy. This is quite common and nothing to worry about.

The taste feels like a coin in the mouth or like when you drink water using a metal cup. Some describe it as a sour taste. Though it may be difficult to let know precisely how the taste is like, the taste is something that can easily be differentiated.

What is the cause of dysgeusia?
  • The condition is caused mostly because of the pregnancy hormones like estrogen. Estrogen is very high when a woman is pregnant and this hormone is responsible for the food cravings and change in taste. The level of estrogen significantly high during pregnancy and thus it is responsible for the metallic taste in the mouth.
  • When one is pregnant women tend to experience an acute smell and taste. The metallic taste increases when one smells something that is unpleasant or strong.
  • Dysgeusia could also be caused because of the retention of water. This occurs across the system of the body and since the cells present in the mouth are also not immune to it thus this could be responsible for the peculiar taste.
  • Many think that dysgeusia is caused so that women are cautious when eating and do not eat something that could harm the baby. This is, however, something that is believed in and no one knows if it is true.
  • Another belief is that this taste develops to let a woman know that her body needs iron, calcium, and sodium in sufficient quantities when she is pregnant.
  • People also claim that dysgeusia occurs due to the toxins that are produced in the lymph glands of the body. This is so that the fetus is safe from any harm.


The level of estrogen and progesterone increases in your body when you are pregnant so that the body is able to care for the growing baby inside. The hormones are very necessary during pregnancy but they also bring some changes to the body. This is more noticeable during the first month of pregnancy when the body is adjusting to the changes.

Pregnancy tends to bring about many changes in the woman’s taste buds and preferences of food. There could be strong cravings for certain food while there are many things that you may have loved eating before but do not feel like eating now. Some foods can also cause morning sickness.

During pregnancy hormonal changes tend to give rise to some unusual taste in the mouth and one such taste that women complain of is the metallic taste called dysgeusia.

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