Month Eight FAQs

You may not know how you feel. One minute you feel so sad and the other minute you are all ready to set your nursery while within a few seconds you start crying. This is common and most women face such mood swings. This is because you are overwhelmed and while on one hand you are happy that the baby is coming on the other you are tensed whether you would be a good mother and also how will you cope with labour.

At this stage of your pregnancy you now know where you will be giving birth. You are worried if everything will go as you have planned. It is good to let your partner know what you plan and this will ensure that both of you are on the same page. Things like opting for a c-section or breast feeding your baby are some common things that should be in your plan.

You are getting very sensitive and reacting to every pain that you feel. Last month your baby was kicking and waking you so often but this month the movements seem to have become a little slow. This is because the baby has less room now to move and this is the reason why you feel that it has slowed down a bit.

You can observe a few symptoms in this month of pregnancy. The common ones are:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Backache’
  • leaking breast
  • Braxton hicks
  • Hemorrhoids

Your uterus is expanding to accommodate the foetus. Your lungs and other organs are getting compressed and this is causing difficulty for you to breathe. If you feel breathlessness to the extent that your fingertips or lips are turning blue then meet your doctor immediately. You may also be suffering from anaemia.

Your breasts could be leaking a yellow fluid. This is called the colostrum. This is the way your body is preparing for motherhood. The milk is your baby’s first food and it is full of nutrients and proteins. You can wear breast pads to prevent your dress from getting wet.

Your baby is growing rapidly this month and you will gain around half a kilo each week. The uterus will also move up causing discomfort and a feeling of bloating at all times. The urge to go to the washroom also increases. The stretch marks will also increase because of the growing uterus. You will start to feel more tired and fatigued at this stage.

Babies that get born in 8 months have a very high chance of survival. They will be kept in a NICU because the lungs are still not developed. If you have a high risk pregnancy then the doctor will ask you to be on complete bed rest.

The reasons for a premature birth could be placenta abruption, preeclampsia and placenta previa.

Blood pressure could be slightly high for most pregnant women but it is a cause of concern if it is very high. Women who have high blood pressure could be suffering from chronic hypertension. Some women could have preeclampsia where the woman would be having high blood pressure as well as high protein in her urine. This is serious and could be dangerous because it decreases the blood flow to the baby.

Your baby is in a growth spurt and weighs 2.5 kgs. It is also 19 inches tall. All the organs except the brain and the lungs would have developed by the end of this month. There is accumulation of fat in the body and its fingernails have also developed. Its fingernails have developed and it also has hair on its head. The baby is also able to close and open its eyelids.