Month Five FAQs

In the 5th month if your pregnancy your baby will start to move and you will soon start to experience some bump movements. This is particularly very sharp when you are resting. The bump will be different for every woman that is dependent on the size of the baby and your physical built. Your ultrasound scans will now be clearer and you are sure to get fascinated seeing your baby. You will start to be felt by your baby which can be tried by keeping your hand on your bump. You could see some dark spots in your skin now because of the extra pregnancy hormones and you may also experience some changes in your eye sight.

You have started to put on maternity clothes and your uterus has also grown now. You will soon see stretch marks and your ligaments are also stretching. You can start to use stretch mark cream now. You will feel leg cramps and also experience some mild swelling in your ankle and pain in your back. This will get worse in the later months. You could invest in a pregnancy pillow. Your hunger will also increase. Your hair and nail will be stringer and healthier now.

You may still feel very hungry but make sure that you do not eat unhealthy snacks. Make sure that you eat the right diet which should contain grains, fruit and vegetables. You need to follow ahealthyand nutritious diet.

It is also time that you start to set the baby’s nursery. This trimester makes you feel energetic and thus going shopping will be much more comfortable now than in the third trimester.

You opt for 2D or a 3D ultrasound scan which will give you a very clear picture of your baby’s development. The 3D scan feels so real that you will feel that you have met your baby before when it is born.

Your baby will go through some rapid development. Its weight will have doubled in the last two weeks and it will also be almost 13 cm tall. The baby’s blood vessels will now be visible under its skin which is translucent. The baby’s legs are developing but very disproportionate. They are flexed at its ankles and knees. There will be calcium deposits on the baby’s bones and its reproductive system is also completely developed.The deciduous and primary teeth are formed and the baby is also very expressive now. Its kidneys are totally functional.

The size of the belly will vary from one woman to the other and this is dependent on your BMI. The amount of amniotic fluid will also determine the belly size. The belly size will also be dependent on the nutritional diet that you are on. If you eat too much of fat then your belly will be bigger as compared to someone on a vegan diet.

Rashes are common during pregnancy and you will see them in the groin, underarm and under your breasts. You can take a shower for comfort because these rashes are caused mostly because of heat.

Some physical symptoms that you will notice in the 5th month of pregnancy are:

  • Constipation
  • Heartburn
  • Fatigue
  • Bleeding gums
  • Swollen ankles
  • Absent mindedness
  • White vaginal discharge

Please invest in a maternity wear if you have still not done it. Your abdomen is growing large and your pre-pregnancy clothes will not fit you anymore. Select fabrics like cotton that is comfortable to wear.

You will still have heartburn and constipation and there is also a chance of having hemorrhoids. Make sure that you are on a diet that is rich in fiber and this ensures that your bowel movement is smooth. This is important to prevent any back ache or varicose vein.