Month Four FAQs

Heartburn is going to stay with you till you deliver. You will start to experience a burning feeling which will cause discomfort. You will have this feeling from your mouth to your stomach and onward to your bowel. This is caused because the pregnancy hormone that gets produced makes the digestive tract to leak and this cause acid re-flux. This also makes the muscles to the gastrointestinal tract to relax. This is the reason why the food moves slowly in the body and when you eat fast then the food does not get processed quickly causing discomfort. Spicy food and caffeine could cause a lot of heartburn. Eating small meals in frequent intervals can give you some relief from heart burns.

You can now finally enjoy your food as morning sickness is gone. You also start to feel hungry more often. This is because your baby is growing and thus you need more food now. Make sure that you do not eat fried food or eat quickly. Also make sure that you do not eat high calorie food that is very low in nutrients. Instead include loads of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and have a balanced meal. Also hydrate your body and do not eat for two.

There will be some major changes in your body this month. Your bathroom visits will lessen as the uterus will start to rise in the abdominal cavity. Your breasts will start to grow and it is time that you start to buy some maternity clothing. Your hair will look strong and thick because of the pregnancy hormones; however some may complain of hair loss and dryness too. You will also start to see the stretch marks and the blood vessels beneath the skin will start becoming visible.

Yes, you can have sex at this stage of your pregnancy. However make sure that you consult your doctor about it. If you had a miscarriage earlier or if your pregnancy is high risk then the doctor would advise against it. You may find deep penetrations feel uncomfortable. Also in case you experience any bleeding after having sex then talk to your doctor immediately.

Some changes will be very significant in the 4th month of pregnancy. You will feel much better than in your first trimester. Morning sickness and any dizziness that you had earlier are gone now. It is also time that you get your maternity clothes because your muscles are starting to expand. You will have to have an ultrasound scan now. The scan would definitely be very special where you would see your baby for the first time.

Women need to have folic acid, iron and calcium supplements. Also some would be asked to have vitamin D tablets. This is required in order to absorb calcium. The women should have a nutritious diet and include lots of fruits, grans, protein, calcium and vegetables in their dirt. This is important for the development of the foetus.

Vaginal thrush is when there is a thick and foul smelling discharge from your vagina. This is caused because of a fungus. This is very likely to happen in pregnant ladies because of the increase in-glucose content. If you feel itchy around your vagina then meet your doctor. The doctor will suggest some safe medicine to you.

You may start to experience some movements in the fourth month of your pregnancy. This is also one of the best points of your pregnancy especially if you are a first time mom. Your baby is now around 8 to 10 inches long and its sex organs have developed. The male child develops the prostate gland and the female develops the ovaries. The nail and the neck of the baby are formed and so is its mouth and outer ears. The gall bladder will start to produce bile and the kidney will start to produce urine.

It is safe to exercise in your fourth month until your doctor has advised you not to do so. You need to avoid exerting yourself or lying on your back or on your right side. This will interfere with the flow of blood and compress the uterus vein. Also make sure that you do not exert yourself too much. Your aim is not to lose weight but to stay active.

You will start to experience more energy and this is a positive change that you see in yourself. You will be less tired and your baby bump will also be visible. This is a very exciting phase and you can go ahead and let the world know that you are pregnant.

You may be asked for a urine and blood sample as a routine test. This is used to check for any infections or if you have diabetes.Your blood pressure will be checked and you will also be checked for any signs of edema. Your uterus size is also measured. A Doppler monitor will be used to check the baby’s heartbeat.