Month Seven FAQs

You have a huge belly now and the discomfort will stay. It is only going to increase and will stay with you till your due date. Your back will start to hurt. This is because your growing belly is putting extra pressure on your spine. Your weight will cause more weight on your back. You may notice that you have started waddling at this stage. Your mood swings will be huge and while you will be laughing now all of a sudden you will start to cry. False contractions and abdominal discomfort will become a part of your daily routine and your brain will be filled with so many things to do.

You will start to feel very large. You will feel puffy and swollen and this is because of the extra blood that is circulating in your body. Be it any weather outside you will feel very hot. Your nipples will become dark and your breasts will become heavy. Bending will not be possible and the urge to keep urinating is back again. You will start to feel tired more and you could develop varicose vein at this stage.

The common symptoms in this stage of pregnancy are:

  • Foot and leg cramps
  • Back pain
  • Mood changes
  • Braxton hicks contractions
  • Hot flashes
  • Heartburn
  • Stretch marks

Go for occasional walks and make sure that you do not stay in one posture for long. Try to keep your body flexible. Basic stretches as instructed by your trainer is fine. You need to stay active but take care to not strain yourself too much.

Your baby is becoming longer and also gaining more weight now. Your baby will be approximately 46 cm tall now and the rapid eye movement sleep also increases. The baby will have a lot of cognitive and neural development and your baby will now react to smell and music as well as any sharp noise.The baby’s body is now well formed and its respiratory system also is totally functional. If there is any premature birth at this stage then it is not very threatening and the baby could survive.

Develop a hobby. This could be some simple activity like reading a book or watering a plant. You want that your thoughts are streamlined because the hormone is keeping you disturbed.

Your diet should include a lot of omega 3 fatty acids.Your baby is developing at a fast rate and this will enhance the development process. Include walnuts and fish in your diet. In case you are allergic to any food then discuss it with your doctor.

You could be wet one morning because of the increase in the colostrum leak. Colostrum is your baby’s first food and in case you are leaking colostrum then you should buy breast pads now.

You will start to have the Braxton hick’s contractions in the seventh month of pregnancy. This is the way the uterus is getting developed for delivery. These are not real contractions and will go away .If the contractions stay longer and keep getting stronger then this could be real contractions. In this case you need to rush to your doctor immediately.

You will have to visit your gynecologist more often now. The doctor will closely scan the height and weight of your baby. You will be asked to improve your diet if the baby’s weight is not proper. Now make sure to be extra careful as every week that will pass will be very significant for your baby.