Month Six FAQs

It is important that you take extra care of yourself in the 6th month of your pregnancy. The developments that you will see are:

  • Feeling of confusion because of the host of advises that you get each day and also because of your bump growing
  • You will get some energy at occasional periods which will want you to sort everything out
  • You will be very excited to prepare your home and welcome your baby
  • You are in total rush and thus you need to remind yourself to relax

There will be many changes that you will notice in the 6th month of your pregnancy.

You may experience bleeding from your gums because of gingivitis. You will feel a lot of discomfort in your abdominal area and this is because there is more room being created to support your baby. Cramps are also very regular now. Your tummy is big preventing you to see your knees. You will also start to feel itchy and this is because of the collagen fibres that start to stretch.You will experience swollen ankle and fingers because the blood flow has increased. Your appetite is still very high and you are longing to have some junk. However remind yourself to eat healthy.

At this stage, false contractions, also known as Braxton hick’s contractions are very common. You do not need to panic because it is nature’s way to prepare you for childbirth. You will still have constipation and low blood sugar levels.

Your baby is growing significantly now. Some of e key changes that happen in you baby are:

  • Its nostrils and lungs are now developed.
  • The baby will be in the breech, sideways, transverse or oblique position
  • It is till swimming in the amniotic fluid
  • It weight almost 900 gms
  • It will start to blink now
  • The kicking has increased in intensity
  • The baby will not be very responsive to food and sound. So if you have a glass of sweet orange juice then the baby will mostly kick.
  • The baby’s retinas are also fully developed.

You may want to keep changing your posture because of the itchy and growing belly. Maintain correct posture and sleep on your left side.

Eat lots of fibre and diet that is rich in nutrients. The blood clots and the constipation will go away after you give birth.

If you can, then exercise every day. Do some basic stretches which will help you be physically and emotionally fit. Make sure that you let your trainer know which month pregnant you are.

It will become normal to go to bed late and get up early. Take a warm water bath and have a glass of milk and listen to some music that could help you have a relaxed sleep.

You may experience some of the symptoms like heartburn, feeling of unsteadiness,constipation, insomnia, cramps on the leg, dizziness, increase in appetite, and varicose vein.

The 6th month is the perfect time to sign up to bank the cord blood. The baby’s stem cells have some miraculous properties that will help to heal the baby and fight ailments in the future. Get all the information that you want before you invest into cord blood banking.

At 6 months of pregnancy you can follow some tips like training your mind to relax. It is important that you get sufficient rest now. Invest time to select your baby’s furniture. If you have any emotional issues then discus with your partner and your doctor.