Multiple Abortions And Future Pregnancy

Multiple Abortions And Future Pregnancy

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Getting pregnant is one of the major events in a woman’s life but at time sit comes at the wrong time. This makes the couple opt for an abortion.

What is an abortion?

Abortion is a medical term where the pregnancy is put to an end using a surgical process. This is done so that the baby cannot be born. There could be various reasons why a woman may opt for an abortion. It could be due to some personal reasons or because of the health of the mother and the child.

Abortions are not known to cause a lot of problems with future fertilizes and if the abortion is done by a medical professional then the process is pretty safe and straightforward. There is no scientific research that backs the theory that abortions lead to complications in a future pregnancy.

But it is important to note that any medical procedure that is carried out has a certain amount of risk and the same applies to abortions too. The abortion is done to ensure that the woman is safe but there could be some risks that could affect the future pregnancy if the surgery is not done right.

There have been cases of bleeding through the vagina in early pregnancy, premature birth of the baby, problems in the placenta and low birth weight as well as damage to the womb after a previous abortion.

How is an abortion done?

There are two ways in which the baby can be aborted. The first kind is known as medical abortion when the woman has to just swallow a medicine. This does not affect future pregnancies. The second method is surgical abortion where a medical instrument is inserted into the cervix. This could cause damage to the uterus or the cervix under rare cases.

Risks after an abortion

If a woman opts for more than two abortions then there is a risk of infection. Most of these infections get treated with medicines but in case the infection is severe like a pelvic inflammatory disease then this could affect the reproductive organs. If not treated on time it could damage their productive system and could cause a pregnancy outside the womb.

The cervix of the woman could also get damaged because of repeated dilation and this could make it difficult to get pregnant later. This, in turn, could lead to a miscarriage. The problem can, however, be treated by putting a stitch to hold the cervix.

Abortions are also something that can affect the woman emotionally. She may refrain from sexual acts and this, in turn, could affect her fertility. It is important that the woman talks to her family and gets support to take this step to abort the baby. It is recommended that in case of any health issues with the baby because of which you had to terminate the pregnancy, you wait at least for a month before trying to conceive again.


The woman goes through a lot, both physically and mentally when she opts for an abortion. It is important that she consults a doctor to discuss its implications on her future pregnancies. The doctor will be able to discuss the risks and what can be done to ensure a healthy pregnancy in the future.

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