Myths & Facts

MYTH: Can your position during intercourse determine the sex of  your baby?
 There are a large number of myths that state how a certain position can help conceiving a male or female child.  However scientific facts say this has absolutely no meaning or basis whatsoever in determining the sex of the baby.


MYTH: Wait till the end of the first trimester before you announce your pregnancy to the world.
 There are chances of complications in the first few weeks of pregnancy for many women.  Some women may miscarry.  Everyone wants to give advice on how to deal with pregnancy.  Some of this advice may be good and some may not.  Hence the time of announcing pregnancy is an individual choice best left to the individual.
VerdictChoose when to announce.  It’s your decision based on your circumstances.


MYTH: Eating papaya can cause miscarriage in pregnancy.
 The unripe papaya can contain latex which in few people can cause latex allergy.  This latex is in the white fluid secreted by the papaya stem as a protection against insects.  Latex can mimic human hormones and this can trigger labor.  Hence it is better to avoid unripe papaya or even other unripe fruits.  Ripe papaya has many benefits.
Verdict: Concerns eating unripe fruit only.


MYTH: Adding saffron to your diet during pregnancy will ensure a fair skinned baby.
FACT: Most dark skinned people hanker after fair skin and fair skinned children.  Though this obsession with skin colour is particular to India it is uncalled for.  However saffron contains some vitamins and improves immunity it does nothing towards skin colour.
VerdictA myth but has beneficial effects on health.

MYTH: Do not go out in an eclipse.
FACT: Who bothers about if there is an eclipse now? it is suggested to Pregnant women not to go outside or eat during an eclipse as people believe that it may have after-effects on the growing baby and not to see the eclipse directly it may have a negative effect on eyesight.
VerdictAncient myth.

MYTH: Shape of your belly determines the sex of the baby
FACT: The shape of the belly bump is dependent upon your body structure, the muscle strength and  ongoing trimester.


MYTH: Expecting parents should neither visit the sick at the hospital nor the dead.
FACT: This old wife’s tale might have a reason. Visiting the sick and a funeral is depressing and it’s also a crowded affair. There are a lot of chances to catch an infection. So, hence it makes sense to keep pregnant women far from such gatherings.

MYTH: Looking at pictures of beautiful people can ensure your baby will also look like them.
FACT: In this age everyone knows how genetics will control the way your baby looks.  Keeping that aside, looking at things that please you to keep calm and in a good mood.  This in turns helps the baby to grow well and healthy.
VerdictFact taken with a pinch of salt.


MYTH: You should not buy anything before the baby is born.
FACT : This is something that most of the would-be-mothers have to hear and is set aside as a superstition. The interesting part is that this piece of advice is not just restricted to India. Everyone is aware of why this belief is followed. This was obeyed during the olden days when the infant mortality rate was very high and the woman would be left in pain looking at the things that were brought for the deceased child. However in the modern days when more and more people have moved to a nuclear set up there is no way that on can be expected to shop post-delivery. So the would-be-mothers today tend to do some basic shopping before the due date.
VerdictThis is a complete myth and you can follow it only if you blindly trust someone with the baby’s shopping.


MYTH:  Should you get your hair dyed when you are pregnant?
FACT: Chemicals in dyes have a tendency to reach your blood stream through the scalp. These can be harmful to your baby.  It is best to avoid dying hair when you are pregnant.  If you still want to dye your hair use herbal dyes and that also after three months of pregnancy.


MYTH:  A glass of wine taken occasionally will not hurt the baby!
FACT: Consuming alcohol can put your baby at the risk of SIDS and ADHD issues.  Hence Doctors do not recommend any alcohol to be consumed during pregnancy.  This is so as there are no data on what is a safe limit of alcohol.
VerdictDO NOT believe this...


MYTH:  Having heartburn ensures your baby will have good hair
FACT: Heartburn is caused by acidity which in turn is related to acid reflux.  Acid reflux is caused by eating spicy food.  There is no link between heartburn and baby’s hair.
VerdictPure Myth!


MYTH: Avoid exercise during pregnancy.
FACT: Exercise has a large number of benefits if permitted by the doctor.  The fetuses of women who exercise have a lower heart rate which is a sign of good cardiovascular health.  The baby also may have lower weight at birth and may have bigger brains and hence may be more intelligent.


MYTH: Women by and large feel happy during pregnancy.
FACT: Medical facts do not align with this theory.  Pregnant women are prone to depression as well as other women.  In their case depression can lead to complications and even premature birth.
VerdictAbsolute Myth!


MYTH: A hair tied to a wedding ring and held over the bump can show by going in circles that you are carrying a girl or if it goes from side to side than it indicates a boy!
FACT: No science behind this pure myth.  You can try it when you have your baby shower and then lay bets on who wins.
VerdictTotal Myth!


MYTH: Taking the bath during pregnancy may lead the dirty water reach the baby.
FACT: Baths are really relaxing. Try getting a long warm bath with scented candles and oils to make you feel good. Don’t worry about the dirty water reaching your baby. As the mucus plug is keeping your baby safe from everything outside your uterus.


MYTH: Pregnant women who have a low belly will deliver a boy. Having pregnancy acne? It surely is a girl!
FACT: The woman’s body type decides how she carries the baby. It also depends on whether she had a pregnancy in the past. This has got nothing to do with the gender of the baby. The abdominal muscles get loses in the second pregnancy and this is why the pregnant lady may have a low belly. Acne is caused because of changes in the hormones and this is not related to the gender of the baby.


MYTH: Stay away from cell phones, microwaves and computers. They may harm your baby.
FACT: It has been scientifically proven that computers are absolutely safe. With a microwave, there is risk of radiation only if there is a leak. To maintain precaution, keep a safe distance when it is on. Cell phones too have no known evidence to cause harm to the baby.
Partial Fact!


MYTH: Consuming dark or black coloured food during pregnancy could lead to the baby having a dark complexion.
FACT: The colour of the baby’s skin is inherited by its genes and not by what food the mother consumes during pregnancy. Pregnant women stop eating nutritious food because of this reason. There is no connection between the colour of the baby’s skin and what food the mother eats during pregnancy.
VerdictSafed Jhooth, obviously a Myth!


MYTH: The Big belly means that the baby is big. The Small belly means that the baby is small.
FACT: A woman who has a good height may not show a lot of bellies even if she has a big baby. The belly shows prominently on a woman who has a short height and stature. This does not mean that the baby is big.
VerdictA big Myth!


MYTH: If you drink coconut water after the seventh month of pregnancy then it will make the baby’s head as big as a coconut.
FACT: We are still trying to figure out where this came from .This is completely untrue. Coconut water is a strong source of potassium and thus should be consumed in moderation for optimum gut health. This has no impact on the size of the baby’s head.
VerdictThis is purely a Myth!


MYTH: Consumption of ghee and oil will let the baby slide out from the vaginal easily during labor!
FACT: Ghee or oil does not assist in the baby sliding out of the vagina. All that they do is to add loads of calories which become difficult to shed after the baby is born. Refrain from eating lot ghee and fatty food and take a balanced diet instead.
VerdictSlippery fact, Firm Myth!


MYTH: What kind of craving the pregnant woman has to decide the sex of the baby.
FACT: Pregnancy cravings happen because of deficiency in nutrients and not because of the sex of the baby. There is no concrete proof yet stating that craving for a certain food is related to the gender of the baby.
VerdictNot so sexy! Sheer Myth!


MYTH: Those who are pregnant should not change cat litter.
FACT: Cat faeces contains a virus called Toxoplasmosis. This is very harmful during pregnancy .In fact this is not just limited to cat litter box but the virus can be caught even when a cat walks, that is through its paws. It is thus important to limit your exposure to cats and keep your house very clean.
Verdictnau sau chuhe kha ke billi haz ko chali! Fact!


MYTH: Pregnant women need to double their diet because now they are eating for two people.
FACT: This is something that is commonly heard, but it is not true. Yes, you are eating for two people, but you do not need to double the quantity of your food intake. All that you need are 300 extra calories. It is better if you chose to eat healthy food. Pregnant women need extra nutrition and not just fat. Make sure that you never increase your quantity to double.
VerdictSingle pointed Myth


MYTH: It is not safe for pregnant women to fly.
FACT: This is partially true. It is the prefect to fly once in a while if your delivery date is more than six weeks away. Your baby will also not be affected when you pass through the airport security. Take care that in case you have a long flight then you stretch and move around a bit. Frequent flyers have to be a little more cautious.
VerdictPartial fact.



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