Outies Belly Button Cause for Concern? What You Need to Know

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Belly buttons can be outies or innies. Some pregnant women may observe that their inner becomes an outie when their belly starts to grow. This is, however, temporary. The majority of them have innies but when the woman observes an outie, it should not raise a panic.

Outie in a baby

After birth, the baby’s umbilical cord is clamped and cut. This leaves an umbilical stump. This stump then dries and shrivels up and it falls off. There are times when there is a scar that is left on the baby. Some think that the outie is related to how the umbilical cord of the newborn was clamped or cut. However, that is not true. Newborns may have duties and this is noticed when the umbilical stump falls off in one or three weeks’ time. There is, however, no cause and no need to worry when a baby has an outie.

Outies can happen because of some underlying medical conditions. It could be because of an umbilical hernia or umbilical granuloma. There is, however, nothing to worry about it as it is not a health concern. It also does not require any treatment.

Umbilical hernia

This is common in premature babies. The condition occurs when the intestine fat gets pushed up through a small hole in the stomach muscles of the newborn. This causes a bulge near or in the navel area. This is neither painful nor dangerous and the hole gets closed on its own in a few years’ time. Most causes of umbilical hernia are harmless.

This usually closes before the child turns 2 years old. However, if it does not disappear within the child turning 4 years old then it needs to be surgically corrected to prevent any kind of complications. If you think that your baby has umbilical hernia then speak to a pediatrician. Your child will need medical care if the bulge gets discolored or swollen or if the baby is in pain. In addition, if your child vomits or if the bulge is painful when touched then you should show your child to the doctor.

Umbilical granuloma

This is a when a small piece of skin gets swollen and it is formed in the belly button. It occurs after the umbilical cord falls off. It will look like a skin ball formed in the navel area. The umbilical granuloma does not bother the baby but in case the baby gets infected or if it causes fever or irritation then you need to meet a doctor. The condition gets treated on its own but it may need treatment in order to prevent infection.


Are there any risks of an outie? An outie does not cause any harm and in most cases, you do not need to see the doctor. The only time it could be risky is when the intestine gets trapped. The baby does not need surgery in the case of an outie belly button. Outie is a cosmetic condition. However, if your child wants to treat it when older then you can consult your doctor.

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