Post Pregnancy

You will feel more strained because of the foetus. The common symptoms of pregnancy that will stay with you till the end will include tiredness, trouble in sleeping, frequent urination,varicose vein and shortness of breath. The foetus could drop lower in this month of pregnancy. This could give you some relief from heartburn and constipation.

Make sure to eat at least 5-6 times in a day. Eat small portions and keep a check on the calorie intake. Be away from food that you haven’t eaten in case you could be allergic.

You could deliver anytime now and thus keep your hospital bag ready. Your hospital bag should have maternity clothes,breast pads, baby clothe and diapers, sanitary pads and toiletries etc.

You could see many changes tend to happen in the 9th month of pregnancy. You will start to feel nice for sure. You will be excited to meet your baby but will be missing the bump and the kicks that you are so attached to. You will see an increase in the discharge from your vagina. It is normal but make sure to consult your doctor if it is itchy or smelly. You could experience sharp pain in your bladder feeling that you will wet yourself any moment. This is the way your body is preparing for true contractions.Some women could lose the mucous plug but this is not clearly the sign that labor has happened.

You will be able to observe some significant changes in the last month of your pregnancy. Your backaches will increase and your pelvis will expand giving youa feel of a wide open crack. You will have stress incontinence and increase in vaginal discharge. You will feel tired and have stress lines too. You will find it hard to get that one comfortable position to lie on. The colostrum will also start to leak more and your mood swings will still be there.

Your baby is ready for delivery and some key developments will happen this month.The weight of the baby will be approx. 3 kgs and it will be around 53 cm tall. Its lungs have developed and it is now breathing through the amniotic-fluid. The baby’s brain is developed as well as is its vital organs.

You need to be calm and relaxed and enjoy the experience that is about to come. Go for a warm bath, go on walks, spend time with family, read books, meet friends, go to a movie and try to keep yourself calm.

You should consult your doctor before having sex in the last month of pregnancy. Sex is okay if your pregnancy is normal. However take care to not apply pressure. If you are suffering from any special condition then speak to your doctor.

Be happy and embrace yourself. Be joyous and remind yourself that there is nothing to be tensed as childbirth is a completely natural process. Keep the myths aside and wait for the day to arrive. Everything cannot be planned exactly so be prepared to go with the flow.

You will have to meet the doctor very frequently now and this is important for yours as well as your baby’s health. You will have to visit your doctor every week now.