Post Pregnancy Exercise – When to start the journey from baby fat to body fit

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Pregnancy is a journey where the mother gains a lot of weight to provide the baby necessary nutrients and to maintain health condition. Baby comes first than mother herself. In this process, the mother does all that diet and exercise for the growth and development of the baby. After the childbirth, it is a challenging task for the mother to lose a lot of that baby fat and get back in shape.

The biggest question of all for the mothers is the post pregnancy exercise when to start post delivery of the child. Exercise is the best way for every mother to get back into shape from that huge transformation that your body underwent through the 40 weeks of pregnancy. No two pregnancies and new mother health conditions are the same, but exercise is the safest and easiest method to recover health after childbirth along with improving the mood and making one physically and mentally stronger.

There are a lot of benefits for new mothers by maintaining and following the exercise routine. Regular exercise post pregnancy is beneficial in the following ways:
  • Exercise strengthens and tones the muscles of the body
  • Excess weight gained will be lost and one becomes fit and strong
  • Postpartum depression will be relieved and will be free of the stress
  • Maintains the physical and mental wellness
  • Gain energy to carry on with hard work associated with bringing up the newborn
  • Get proper sleep and feel energized

Post pregnancy exercise when to start is another question that often makes a new mother wonder to become fit and strong in a healthy way. There a couple of factors that decide the answer to this question.

  • Type of delivery a new mother went through, Vaginal or cesarean delivery decides the time for post pregnancy exercise when to start.
  • Exercise and health condition of the mother during the pregnancy and post pregnancy
  • Doctors report and acceptance for the postpartum exercise
  • Type and duration of the exercise routine.

Based on the above factors listed the new mothers and the doctors can discuss and fix up for a schedule for post pregnancy exercise when to start.

Exercises that every mother post the delivery can follow is the Pelvic floor exercises and abdominal bracing. One can practice the abdominal exercise in any of the kneeling, sitting, standing or lying on the floor positions. This will strengthen the abdomen muscles and tone the body also. Pelvic exercises are much needed for a mother who gave childbirth vaginally but has to be careful not to overdo any. Other exercises include walking, yoga, swimming, aerobics, cycling and a couple of other routines.

Tips to follow in your exercise routine:
  • Stick to schedule
  • Maintain regularity
  • Do not overdo any exercise
  • Wait for the doctor consent
  • Any discomfort, bleeding or pain shouldn’t be ignored

Check with the doctor and follow a regular Postpartum exercise routine to get back in proper shape. Stay fit and healthy.

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