Post-Pregnancy Exercises After Normal Delivery

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The feeling of being a mother is very special for a woman. But this blissful phase of carrying and delivering a baby also brings different problems and issues of concern with it.The problem lies in getting back to the Pre-pregnancy shape.But the mothers need not worry about it.Simple exercises and controlled diet would bring them in shape again.

Exercises to reduce post-pregnancy belly fat

The body needs a time of 6 to 8 weeks to recover from the stress of labor and birth.The knowledge about when to start the exercise is crucial.If the exercise is started too soon after delivery, it may take more time for recovery and make you feel tired. So,It’s wise to consult a doctor before adopting your exercise routine.It will make you understand the changes body has gone through during pregnancy and the precautions you need to take to get back in shape.

Some of the exercises which the mothers can do are as follows:

Walking:It is one of the basic exercises which mothers can do initially and then slowly approach more intense exercises. In the starting days, you may walk slowly and then move too fast walking after a few days. Try to walk 15 minutes a day,at least 5 days a week and gradually increase the walking time. Also taking your baby along with you adds to your walk in a better way.

Stretching and Twisting Exercises: These exercises should be adopted after the body gets used to walking. These exercises are beneficial for strengthening and toning of muscles.

Pelvic Exercises: Kneeling helps in toning of your tummy and strengthening the abs.While kneeling keeps your arms and legs straight and ensures that your palms touch the floor. Pull your buttocks forward as you inhale, tilting your pelvis and rotating your pubic bone upward. Hold for sometime and move back to start position. Don’t stress your tummy muscles.

Sit-Ups: This exercise will tone the upper legs and help to reduce the weight on the lower part of the belly.Start with gentle sit-ups and gradually move towards more rigorous sit-ups.

Bridging Exercises: These exercises are helpful in toning of the tummy, bottom and thigh muscles. The image shown depicts how to perform one of the bridging exercises known as hip raises.

Yoga:It is one of the best exercises which mothers can do for reducing belly fat. Yoga helps in keeping the body rejuvenated and full of energy for the rest of the day. Try to adopt yoga as part of the daily routine to get the best results.

Pilates: Pilates provides strength, flexibility, and balance to the body. Take deep breaths and relax while performing this exercise.

Aerobics Training: Doing consistent aerobics training help in burning excess calories and increasing metabolism. This training must be started slowly and then the intensity should be increased gradually. It must be two to three times a week.

Abdominal Exercises:
  • Abdominal Crunches: Crunches are beneficial to reduce post-pregnancy belly fat.Do not strain yourself while doing them and perform them under expert supervision, if required. Start with 5 crunches a day and then increase the number gradually.
  • Flutter Kicks:To do these, lie on your back with hands behind, lift your legs above the ground and make gentle moves as if you are swimming on your back. This exercise makes one lose the extra fat deposited in calves and thighs.
  • Hip raises: It is also one the exercise to reduce belly fat. To do this, lie on your back with legs up at ninety-degree in the air. Place the hands under the buttocks and raise the hips. Don’t use your hands for raising the hips. Try not to use your hands while doing these exercises.

The belly fat can be reduced over time with continuous efforts and by doing the above-mentioned exercises regularly. The mothers no longer need to be worried about their lost shape as now they are able to keep themselves healthy and fit. They can freely continue with their work even after delivering the baby. They need not compromise their work for their pregnancy. They can truly be supermoms and fight every problem fearlessly.

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