Postpartum Hair Loss

Postpartum Hair Loss: Tips For Relief

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Post pregnancy hair loss tends to affect all women after childbirth. Because of the increase in the levels of estrogen at the time of pregnancy, the woman gets to enjoy thick and lustrous hair. In the pregnancy stage, the hair stays in the growing phase for a longer time and the hair that enters the resting phase is low in number. This causes hair loss to be less when one is pregnant.

However, once the woman delivers, the estrogen level starts to fall and this causes the number of hair to move to the resting phase. This causes the excess of hair loss. It is not possible to avoid hair loss pregnancy totally but there are ways in which you can minimize it.

Ways to get relief from postpartum hair loss

Here is what you can do if you feel that you are losing hair in excess after delivery:

  • Keep your hair healthy by eating a well-balanced diet. Also, make sure that you take some prenatal supplements and vitamins to keep your hair from falling
  • Take extra care during the hair shedding weather to not let your hair fall
  • Do not shampoo your hair often and make sure to use a conditioner of good quality and a comb that has a wide tooth
  • Avoid using rubber bands to tie your hair and do not tie your hair into a ponytail because that increases hair loss
  • Avoid using any straighteners of curling irons. Do not opt for any chemical treatments at this stage.
Home remedies to help fight hair fall

You can also try out some home remedies that can control hair fall.

  • Eat food item that is rich in vitamin C and B complex. Have food items that include iron, zinc, and vitamins.
  • Use egg whites to reduce hair fall. Apply the egg white with olive oil on your hair and leave it for 30 minutes.  Then rinsed with cold or lukewarm water to prevent hair from falling down.
  • Use fenugreek seeds that are soaked overnight. Strain the water and apply it on your scalp. Leave it for around two hours and then wash off your hair. The fenugreek seeds keep your hair healthy and dandruff free. You should try doing this at least two times a week.
  • Massaging your hair also helps. When you get your hair massaged regularly it helps to increase the circulation of blood and this promotes the growth of hair. You should use some lukewarm oil to massage your scalp. Use your fingertips to massage your hair well. Massaging keeps you calm and relaxed. When you use the correct massaging and shampooing technique then this helps to have healthy hair.


Even after trying out the various home remedies and having a healthy diet if you still feel that you are losing hair in excess then make sure to speak to your doctor immediately. You could be losing excess of hair because of postpartum thyroiditis.

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