Post Pregnancy Sleep Training Methods

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New parents need to learn a lot once a baby is born; must make huge changes in their lifestyle. The infants at an early stage don’t show any signs of trouble they the sleep soundly for the three-fourths of their day. As the baby grows older about four or five months, they are not the same sleepy babies anymore. The routine of the parents is surely disturbed when the baby is not a dream sleeper & wakes up every now & then at night. Here is the answer to your queries about, “what are the sleep training methods I can try?”to make the baby sleep:

Swaddle The Baby

Swaddling or wrapping your baby in a wrap blanket completely only except the face. Younger babies of one or two months should not be swaddled it may be uncomfortable for them. Babies of three months or more are comfortable when put this way to sleep; the baby may wake up but the bundled blanket around provides the necessary warmth & baby won’t cry or cry for only a few minutes.

Cry It Out

Another method to make your baby learn to fall asleep independently. You need to put the baby in the crib when they are soundly asleep & make them comfortable. Make a time table for the baby; consider night sleep time as 8:30 pm put them to bed properly with all the care, forget them till the next morning. Let cry, move around, etc whatever they do before they sleep again. Wake the baby according to their morning routine, say 6:00 am.

The babies to self-sooth themselves to sleep after a while as its night-time & they cannot find anyone around them they will fall asleep on their own. The time depends on the baby’s temperament & how much as a parent you can tolerate the crying & refrain yourself.

Routine fading

To tolerate the baby crying is difficult so this method is a better option. Here you can soothe the baby whenever it cries only you must take care of the time taken while soothing them. Let’s say the first time you sooth the baby for over 20 minutes next time decrease the time to 20 minutes then to 15 minutes & so on (you can change the interval as you wish, but the time should decrease). This way the baby will slowly get accustomed to being comforted less & sleep independently. The baby learns to self soothe & sleep on its own.

Wrap Up

Hope all your queries regarding, “what are the sleep training methods I can try?” are answered satisfactorily. These are the methods mostly used by the parents to give sleep training to their babies.

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