Causes and ten natural treatments

Postpartum Swelling: Causes and ten natural treatments

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Postpartum edema is a serious problem in pregnant women. The post-pregnancy swelling is mostly seen on the face, ankle, leg, and feet. The women can feel severe pain due to swelling, sometimes causing weakness, dizziness, and pain around the chest.

What causes Postpartum Swelling?

As per the study during the pregnancy period, women’s body gets filled by 50% extra fluid. After giving birth to the baby, this fluid starts excreting from the body in the form of sweat or urine. However, some of this fluid starts entering the tissues from the blood vessels, thus causing this postpartum swelling.

Ten natural treatments for curing postpartum edema:-
1. Hydrate your body –

If the body remains dehydrated, then the excretion of extra fluids from the tissues causing swelling will be impossible. Stay hydrated and keep drinking lots of water to make the fluid excrete from the body as fast as possible.

2. Avoid caffeine –

Drink less coffee because the caffeine present in it can cause dehydration. Caffeine increases water loss in the body, which can increase the risk of post-pregnancy swelling due to dehydration.

3. Encourage blood flow with a foam roller –

The foam roller helps to increase the blood flow in the body, thus improving the blood circulation. This helps to reduce the buildup of water in the body which helps to decrease the effect of swelling.

4. Keep the feet elevated –

When the feet are kept elevated, higher from the body level, the water stuck in the feet gets transported to the other parts of the body. This helps to reduce the swelling in feet and ankles.

5. Involve compression stockings in daily wear –

The compression stockings are made in such a way that it helps to increase the blood circulation in the body. Wearing compression stockings can increase the blood flow by reducing the size of blood vessels.

6. Make a habit of exercising –

Including light exercises like walking, yoga, swimming and Pilates can help to increase the blood flow in the vessels. Making a good habit of exercising helps to circulate the water and blood throughout the body.

7. Reduce the intake of salt –

Salt contains sodium which causes water loss on a great level. The intake of salt must be reduced to make sure the body does not get dehydrated. Regulation of water level is must to avoid postpartum swelling.

8. Postpartum massage can help –

The postpartum massage is meant to provide good help for giving a rest to the blood vessels for the regulation of blood flow. A specialized postpartum massager can give a good massage.

9. Include potassium-rich foods –

Potassium-rich food like apricots, spinach, bananas reduces the amount of sodium from the body. Potassium-rich food helps to retain the water level in the body.

10 Always wear loose clothes –

Loose clothes provide a good blood circulation, making the body breath light and good. Tight clothes cut blood flow in various parts which increases the swelling in those parts too.

Good care of the body still requires even after the pregnancy period. With these natural treatments, a woman after her pregnancy can relieve herself from the swelling pain.


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