Pregnancy after Vasectomy: The Odds, Why It Happens

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Vasectomy is a procedure that married couples tend to opt for. This is a method for birth control. In this procedure, the vas deferens is tied after it is severed. When a vasectomy is done it does not let the sperm reach the egg. The method is a permanent method of birth control. However, at times, the woman gets pregnant-even after her partner has got a vasectomy done.

Odds of pregnancy after vasectomy

There is nothing certain that a woman cannot get pregnant after the couple opts for a vasectomy. It is known as per survey that 1 out of 1000 vasectomies results in pregnancy. This means that vasectomy is 99.9% effective to prevent pregnancy.

It is important to know that vasectomy does not offer immediate protection for pregnancy. The sperm is stored in the vas deferens. This will stay there for at least a few weeks or even months after the vasectomy procedure are done. This is why the doctor will ask you to use some contraceptive methods for a few months after the surgery.

The doctor will ask for a semen analysis three months after the vasectomy procedure. Here the sample is taken and it is analyzed to look for any live sperms. Until you go for this appointment, it is important that you take some birth control pills or some other contraceptive methods.

No sure shot

There is no sure shot way in which a  woman can get 100% sterile, This means that a woman can get pregnant even after she has had a birth control surgery. Here is how a woman may get pregnant even after her husband has got a vasectomy done.

·       In case of sexual intercourse before the sperm count of the man is confirmed to be zero it could lead to pregnancy. The sperm could stay in the semen and if the couple has unprotected sex then this could cause the woman to get pregnant. The doctor thus asks for a sperm analysis to make sure that there are no live sperms.

·       The woman may also want a reversal of vasectomy if she wants to get pregnant after a vasectomy surgery. This is when the man can opt for reversal surgery. This surgery is carried out under local anesthesia. The sperm is got back to the semen and this lets the woman get pregnant because of a reversal of surgery.

·       Recanalization or natural reversal can also occur. This happens when the sperm escapes from the channel that is microscopically small. There is a small cut in the vas deferens. The channels could occur because of some medical problem. The doctor will mostly let you know in case of a channel,

Conclusion -Pregnancy post vasectomy

Vasectomy is a great way to prevent pregnancy. It is believed that if a couple opts for a vasectomy then there is less than a percent chance that the woman can get pregnant.

It is important that the semen be analyzed after vasectomy. This is to ensure that the procedure was successful. However, even after a vasectomy, there is a slight probability of the woman getting pregnant.

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