Pregnancy And Urination

Pregnancy And Urination

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One of the most embarrassing situations in pregnancy is the urge to keep urinating at frequent intervals. This is a common thing in pregnancy and should not get you worried.

Why does a woman need to urinate continuously when she is pregnant?

Blame it on the pregnancy hormones that create the urge to urinate often. This is also because of the uterus growing inside your body and the speed as well as the amount of blood that is now circulating through your body.

  • Because of changes in the hormones in your body, the blood flows to the kidneys rapidly and this fills up your bladder causing frequent urination
  • The volume of blood increases to almost 50 percent in your body when you get pregnant. This means more fluid is being processed by the kidney and thus more urge to urinate
  • The uterus is continuously growing that puts extra pressure on the bladder and this aggravates the situation which increases a lot in the third trimester

When does this urge start in pregnancy?

A feeling of frequent urination starts in the first trimester itself which is at around Week 4. However, in the second trimester, the uterus rises into the abdominal cavity and thus this phase of your pregnancy is pretty much comfortable. In the third trimester, the frequent urination again increases. This is the maximum towards the end of the pregnancy.

What can be done about this condition?

Not much can be done to curb the urge to urinate frequently when you are pregnant. However, you could try to lean forward when you urinate so that you are able to empty your bladder completely. Also after you pee sit for some time and pee again.

It is important to note that one should not decrease the intake of fluids because of frequent urination. The baby as well as your need to be hydrated and if you get dehydrated then there are chances that you would get some urinary infections.

Is there a way in which one can prevent frequent urge to urinate?

Try to empty your bladder completely when you go to urinate. Apart from that, you should try to avoid caffeine completely. Also, limit the intake of fluids before you go to bed at night.

Urinating when sneezing

It is not just about using the washroom to urinate, pregnant women also complain of leaking urine when they sneeze. This is because there is excess pressure on your uterus and your pelvic floor muscles are also weak. This causes you to urinate when you cough, sneeze or even laugh. The condition is known as stress urinary incontinence and one sees an increase in urine leak towards the third trimester.


Not much can be done to control urine when one is pregnant. One can, however, prevent embarrassment when leaking urine because of a sneeze or a cough by wearing the alight pad in their panties during a social gathering.

Even though this could get very tiring during pregnancy, it is important that one does not cut on fluid intake. The condition is normal and something that happens to all pregnant women.

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