Pregnancy and Dental Care

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Pregnancy is perhaps one of the toughest challenges that a female face affecting her psychologically, and more importantly physiologically. Problems related to pregnancy and childbirth are not uncommon. There are certain restrictions on medications and even in the case of dentistry and dental care that need to be maintained so as to go through a healthy pregnancy and safe childbirth.

Pregnancy care: Care for the mother and the child during pregnancy is a vital point to keep in mind. In reality, the prices of pregnancy care are actually threefold. The first stage is the prenatal care and the second is the care during pregnancy, and the third is the care for the infant. Prenatal care should ideally start before pregnancy is achieved. This typically involves complete health checkups and routine testing. After pregnancy, suitable conditions for the mother and child are very important. As in the words of Hartigan, “Birth is as safe as life gets.”

General medicines to avoid in case of pregnancy: This aspect is very important. For instance, you should stop or at the very least change your regular medications, if any, during the first trimester. This should be done to reduce risk to the fetus. Prenatal vitamins with calcium, iron, and folic acid are beneficial. Medications related to existing disorders like diabetes, asthma, hypertension, allergies and mental problems need to be monitored thoroughly. Disorders related to family history should be checked through genetic testing to ensure minimal health risks. Needless to say, smoking and drinking alcohol should be stopped.

Dental care: It might be worth wondering what the link is between pregnancy and dental care. Well, there are many restrictions that are imposed on health care medications and processes during pregnancy, and dental happens to be the domain that has important links with pregnancy. Dental care packs in three main domains. The first is oral hygiene, then dentistry, and oral surgery. It is interesting to note that however unlikely it may be, pregnancy and Dental care are very much regards to the usage of certain drugs.

Medicines for dental problems to avoid in case of pregnancy: There are certain regulations about the safety of some drugs to be administered to pregnant patients. Opioid pain medications like codeine et cetera are safe, while non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin are to be avoided do it first and third trimesters, and in very small dosages for short duration’s otherwise.

Alcoholic mouth rinses should be totally avoided by pregnant ladies. Anesthetics like nitrous oxide should be avoided too. And as far as antibiotics go, even though penicillin is considered safe, tetracycline, whether in pills or through topical forms, are hazardous and should be avoided. They might go on to attain the teeth of not only the adults but the babies too. Fluoroquinolones also should be abstained from.

It is this is utmost importance that all necessary restrictions be maintained for the benefit of the mother and the offspring because in the words of Aidan MacFarlane, “A healthy woman who delivers spontaneously performs a job that cannot be improved upon.”

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