My Pregnancy Diary

My Pregnancy Diary

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My pregnancy wasn’t easy at all, but the moment the face of my baby came in front of my eyes, all the pains were worth it. But talking about the journey, I had to go through a lot of ups and downs.

During the seventh week, I realized that I was going to have a baby. Initially many questions rose up in me and my husband’s mind, regarding being ready to have a baby. Then we decided to carry the child with the utmost happiness.

Initial symptoms-

Initially, I got the symptoms when I felt soreness in my breasts and nipples. I felt a lot like to puke which at times happened but sometimes just the feeling of vomiting happens. The initial days were tiring and something new.

Almost every day I was having food cravings. One day I would like to eat everything from the sweet dishes while on some other days I always went crazy for everything sour.

I felt a lot of cramps starting from the eighth week. During the first trimester, I had to drink a lot of water. It’s essential for all the pregnant females to put the habit of drinking an adequate amount of water in their regimen. I started applying stretch marks reduction cream since then. I was recommended about this from my friend who had an immediate pregnancy.

Was there any external change?

During the tenth month, I was noticing a facial change, as in the skin tone. My face appeared quite a bit glowing and shining. When I consulted with my doctor, she said it was happening because of the hormonal changes.

I wrote everything in my pregnancy diary and try to maintain the pregnancy diary. I felt the need of capturing all the best feeling that ever happened to me during the entire gestation period.

It was in my eleventh month when I first felt the bloating in my belly, which was the initial signs of a baby bump. During the fourteen months, I was feeling morning sickness and kind of nausea.

During my eighteenth month, I felt my baby kick for the first time, for which I and my husband were so happy that day. I wrote a lot of my experiences again my pregnancy diary.

In the 29th week, I found a leak from my nipples, which was kind of yellow in color. It was my first colostrum. Gradually the most painful part apart from the time of labor pain was the hip and joint pain during the 31st week.

The final time- 

In my 38th week, I was having a lot of fright and tensions running across my mind, cause at anytime my water could have broken. In the 39th week, my water broke and we rushed to the hospital. After 5 hours of labor pain and contractions, I finally delivered my baby boy. It was the best experience ever.

I thought of all the names and finally decided one name from the names and gave him ‘Shayan’ as his name. For having being written the pregnancy diary, I enjoy all moments by reading them. Thus I would recommend every would-be mom to write and maintain their pregnancy diary in Healtheoz Hmom application.

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