Pregnancy Nutrition Myths and Facts

Pregnancy Nutrition Myths and Facts

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Pregnancy nutrition myths surround the would-be-mom making her more confused than actually helping her. There are no certain foods that can cause a better outcome to pregnancy. So you just need to ensure that you eat a well-balanced diet.

Some of the common pregnancy myths are listed below.

Myth: Do not have food that cools you down because it could lead to a miscarriage

Fact: This is not backed by any scientific evidence which says that you should not eat food that cools you down. However it is also not necessary that you eat all of them. All that you need to ensure is that you have a pregnancy diet and nutrition that contains a balance of all kinds of foods.

Myth: Fatty food and full cream milk is better for you as it helps in easy delivery

Fact – The low fat milk and the skimmed milk also contain the same amount of nutrients. The difference is that the low fat milk contains less of fat which is the saturated fat. Thus the low fat milk is also suitable for breastfeeding and pregnant woman and they do not need the high fat milk.

Myth – You can replace vegetables with fruit when you are pregnant

Fact– Fruits and vegetables are under two different food groups and thus you cannot replace one with the other. The fruit and vegetables contain petrochemicals which helps against any cell damage or infections.

Myth – Eating certain kinds of food more can improve your baby’s complexion

Fact – Your baby’s complexion is decided based on its genes and not on what you eat. Do not overeat a certain category of food but instead have a pregnancy diet which is a mix of healthy food to get the important nutrients

Myth – Supplements are essential to meet the pregnant ladies requirements

Fact – If you are healthy and get all the nutrients from food then you may not have to take the pregnancy supplements. This is because your body is getting the nutrients from the diet. However folic acid is a supplement that you will have to start taking as soon as you think of conceiving because it helps in preventing the early birth defects. Supplements should be taken only after consulting your doctor.

Myth – Cow’s milk, wheat and nuts raises the risk of the baby developing allergies.

Fact – There is no evidence to support that and these diet for pregnant women are in fact beneficial for your health when you are pregnant.

Myth – Seafood causes rashes and other problems in the baby if consumed when pregnant

FactEating fish during pregnancy is not bad when you are pregnant. In fact it gives you the essential nutrients that are necessary for you. Seafood in fact contains iron, protein, and zinc which is essential for the development of the baby. But make sure that you eat the fish that is low in mercury levels and that it is cooked well before you eat them.

Myth– Bitter gourd could cause early contractions when eaten during pregnancy.

Fact – Bitter gourd does not cause early contractions and this is not backed by any scientific evidence. Hence it is safe to eat bitter gourd when you are pregnant. However every vegetable or fruit or any food item should be eaten in moderation when you are pregnant.


There are a number of myths when it comes to what should be and what should not be eaten when a woman is pregnant. Unfortunately most of these are not backed by any science and is just a myth. If you are pregnant make sure to have a healthy and a balanced diet. If in any doubt always consult your doctor to know what should be eaten and what food items should be avoided.

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