Pregnancy Risks After Age 35

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Many women have worked hard to conceive. Some manage to get pregnant at an optimal time. Others are slightly late at getting pregnant. For these couples, getting pregnant is a god given blessing.

But getting pregnant during the latter period of your life may not necessarily be a good thing. Pregnancy after the age of 35 carries risks with it. These are the risks that come along with getting pregnant after the age of 35.

1. Pre-existing Diabetes

If the woman has diabetes before the pregnancy, there can be complications during the pregnancy.

It is likely that the pregnant woman shall face miscarriage or stillbirth. There is also a possibility of the child being born with birth defects. The child can also be diagnosed with diabetes due to genetics.

2. Gestational Diabetes

The woman can develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy. If not treated, the woman can develop diabetes again later in her life.  The baby can be over-weight which will hurt the baby when the woman tries to give birth to the baby.

3. Preeclampsia

Some of the organs in the woman’s body may function poorly due to the high level of pressure in the blood. This may also lead to a still-born baby.

4. Down Syndrome

There is a possibility of the baby being born with abnormalities in the chromosomes. This abnormality can lead to Down Syndrome.

5. Complications with the Birth of the Baby

The risk of miscarriage or the baby being born a still-born is higher as the woman ages older. The pregnancy can also lead to the premature birth of the baby.

6. Multiple Pregnancies

Due to hormonal imbalance at an older age, the chances of the woman conceiving multiple babies is high.

7. Postpartum Depression

There is a higher risk for the woman to fall into postpartum depression. Postpartum depression includes feeling sad, guilty, scared and other negative emotions. This will lead to the inability of the mother to take care of herself or the baby. It is essential for the partner to support the mother and make sure she gets the appropriate help.


There are a lot of pregnancy risks after the age of 35. Couples getting ready to conceive the child while the woman is past her age of optimal period of pregnancy should be extra careful. The risks and complications that the pregnant woman faces are higher.

The diet should be handled with care and there should be proper intake of nutrition.It is necessary for the woman to make the necessary appointments with the doctor. The couple should consult the doctor for the precautions to be taken and follow the guidelines provided to them.

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