Uterus In Pregnancy

Uterus In Pregnancy – Functions, Position,Size& More

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Shaped in the form of a pear that is placed upside down, the uterus has thick walls and is an important female reproductive organ. The uterus plays a very important role in providing home and nourishing the fetus until it is born.

The uterus is divided into the fundus, the body, and the cervix. Its upper part is the fundus, the part on the lower side which is narrow and tubular is the cervix and the part in between is the body.

Functions of the uterus

The functions performed by the uterus:

  • The uterus offers space and gives a suitable environment for the fetus so that it grows in it.
  • The uterus is what connects the baby with its mother through the umbilical cord and the placenta. This also provides oxygen and nutrition to the baby and helps to remove the body waste of the fetus.
  • The uterus connects with the brain that helps to regulate the hormones in pregnancy so that the uterus stays in a relaxed state. The uterus also sends signals to the brain that the baby is full term and that the contractions should start.
  • In the uterus is also responsible for labor and this is dependent on the retraction and the contraction of the uterine muscle fibers.
  • The pregnant uterus contracts after the completion of birth and it then becomes a hard and a small ball. It helps to reduce bleeding in women and helps the woman to get to her state before pregnancy.
The uterus position

The uterus is located in the middle of the pelvis that is behind the bladder and at the front of the rectum. Its actual position in the pelvis will be different for different women. The anteverted uterus is tipped slightly towards the forward and retroverted uterus is bent slightly towards the back. The positions are both normal and this can change all through the life of the woman.

The dilation of the bladder plays a very important role in deciding the position of the uterus.

Size of the uterus

The uterus size will be different for each woman but it normally is between 70 to 125 grams. The hormonal condition and the age of the woman are factors that decide the size of the uterus.

Before the woman enters puberty, the uterus size is 3.5cm in length and around 1.4 cm in thickness. The uterus increases in length to 5 to 8 cms and its thickness to around 3 cm after puberty. During-pregnancy, the pregnant uterus is 38 cm in length and 26 cm wide approximately.

The size of the uterus during pregnancy :

  • On the first trimester, the size of the pregnant uterus is as small as a grapefruit
  • The second trimester, the uterus is as big as papaya in size
  • In the third trimester is uterus is as big as a watermelon
  • After delivery, the uterus gets back to its normal size and position

The uterus is an important organ in women and all steps need to take to keep it healthy. Routine pap smears test, vaccination against HPV, not smoking, eating well, and using a condom during sexual intercourse are some ways to ensure that your uterus stays fit and healthy.

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