Pregnancy Versus Menstrual Symptoms

Pregnancy Versus Menstrual Symptoms

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The pregnancy and the premenstrual symptoms at times could get confusing for many women. The most common of the symptoms that are linked to pregnancy as well as to Menstrual Symptoms are back-ache, mood swings, tender breasts and an increase in urination. However, there are some differences between the two and these symptoms are seen only in pregnancy.

What should you look out for?

The Menstrual Symptoms are symptoms that are linked to your menstrual cycle and these occur a few weeks before your periods. These symptoms go away when you have your periods. The symptoms may be pretty similar to that of early pregnancy but there are a few subtle differences that can make women differentiate between the Menstrual Symptoms and pregnancy symptoms.

Pain on the breast

In the menstrual symptoms, the tenderness and swelling of the breast occur mostly in the second half of the period cycle. The tenderness could be mild or severe and the severity is very high just before the period starts

The breasts feel full, sensitive and tender when touched. This happens one or two weeks after conception and it stays since the progesterone levels rise in pregnancy.


You do not experience any spotting if the symptoms are because of your menstrual cycle. When periods starts it is heavy and lasts up to one week.

If you notice some light bleeding from the vagina or light spot that is dark brown or pink in color then this could be because you are pregnant. This occurs around tenth to the fourteenth day of conceiving and the period is less so it does not fill your pad. The spotting lasts for a lesser time as compared to the normal period.

Change in mood

Feeling of irritability is common before you have your periods. These signs last until your periods begin.

In pregnancy, you will have mood swings that can stay until delivery. You start to feel emotional and excited at the same time.


Tiredness and trouble when sleeping is common before your periods start. These, however, go away after you have your periods.

The increase in the level of the progesterone hormone makes you feel tired in pregnancy. The fatigue is felt more in the first trimester but it stays all through pregnancy.


You normally do not feel any nausea as a menstrual symptom.

Morning sickness is a clear sign of being pregnant. You may feel nauseous at any time of the day when you are pregnant.

Cravings for food

Your eating habits do not change when you are just experiencing symptoms because of your menstrual cycle. Even if you have cravings the extent of the craving is mild.

In pregnancy, the cravings are very high and you may want to desperately eat some food. You may also start to feel averse towards some smell and tastes.


It is important that one knows the menstrual symptoms and pregnancy symptoms. The sooner you are able to detect your pregnancy the sooner you can care for your health. A home pregnancy test helps to clear all doubts.

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