Pregnancy without Gallbladder

Pregnancy without Gallbladder

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The gallbladder is a small organ in your body but it could be the cause of a lot of trouble when you are pregnant. The changes that happen in pregnancy could affect the way in which your gallbladder works. When the gallbladder gets affect then the complications and impact on the health of the baby can happen. It is important that you be aware of the symptoms so that you know when to take immediate medical help.

Is pregnancy possible without a gallbladder?

The pregnancy hormones like the progesterone make it possible for the muscular tissue that is present in the body to relax. This affects the gallbladder.  The release of the bile slows and bile fails to get released it cause the gallstones. The pregnant woman who is already complaining of gallstone is at a higher risk that the gallbladder may block the release of the bile.

It could be impossible for many to be able to detect the beginning of a gallbladder disease when pregnant because the symptoms are pretty similar to morning sickness. However, if the symptoms stay beyond a few months then you may be asked to get an ultrasound done which is effective to way to test the condition of the gallbladder.

Pregnancy and how does it affect the functioning of the gallbladder?

The pregnant women are at a higher risk of having gallstones because their bodies are making estrogen at a very high rate. The added amount of estrogen causes an increase in the cholesterol in the bile and this reduces the contractions of the gallbladder. This is known as cholestasis in pregnancy. This means that the bile does not escape the gallbladder easily in pregnancy. Cholestasis could be the reason for an increase in pregnancy complications.

Examples of the complications are:

  • Passing of meconium before birth which affects the breathing of the baby
  • Premature birth of the baby
  • Stillbirth
Working of the gallbladder

The gallbladder is a small organ and in the form of a pear below the liver. An organ used for storage.  It stores the excess of bile that the liver makes. This helps the body to digest the fat. When a person eats a meal of high fat then the gallbladder releases this bile into the small intestine.

Extra substances, form hard stones in the gallbladder. This prevents the bile from leaving the gallbladder and causes problems.

The gallstones restrict the movement of the bile which also causes inflammation known as cholecystitis. It is painful and a medical emergency.


The gallbladder helps your body function when it stops working then the doctor may suggest removing it. You can live without a gallbladder as the body adjusts to the changes in the digestive process without the gallbladder. Also since the body is able to function smoothly without a gallbladder pregnancy Without Gallbladder is possible.

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