Preventing Teen Pregnancy

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Cases of teen pregnancy are common these days. This is dangerous and the question now rises about how to prevent the rate of teenage pregnancies. To prevent the teenage pregnancies, education is important for on self-discipline. And should know using the contraceptive techniques and know what its consequences are.

Who is at more risk?

The girls from low resource backgrounds are at high risk of teenage pregnancies. Many girls are forced to get married when they touch puberty and she gets pregnant without even realizing it. Also, the access to the health services is limited.

Teenage pregnancy is dangerous because it leads to unsafe abortions, high risk of infant, and maternal mortality. To prevent teenage pregnancy it is important to have programs that are tailored to educate teenage the consequences of pregnancy.

Refrain from sexual activities

There are many ways in which a teenage girl can prevent getting pregnant. Sexual abstinence is the most effective of them. This is the method that prevents the girl from getting pregnant and getting sexually transmittable diseases.

Abstinence has mostly been associated with religious practices and moral values but this is also the best method to prevent any form of unwanted pregnancies. It’s necessary for teenagers to get an education to make good decisions.


Another form of education that teenagers should get is to use contraceptives. It also important that the teenagers know the information on various techniques.

Birth control techniques

The problem with teenagers is that they are not aware of the various birth control techniques and other prevention methods. The teenager’s guidance on ways to use birth control. Many teens instead of learning from their parents about birth control, end up having sex without protection.


Making teens aware of the consequences of having a baby. They need to know the realities of having a baby and what effects could an unplanned pregnancy have on the mother as well as the child. The risk of having a baby at such a lower age is that the baby could have some behavioral problems, less impulse control, and increased dependency. The teenagers need to know that an unplanned pregnancy could spoil their lives. The school and the parents of children should play an important role in educating the child about the negative effects of teen pregnancy. The parents may play an important role by talking to their children and by educating the children about the dangers of teenage pregnancy.

Childbirth is a major cause of death among the teenage girls and this can result in a lot of social and physical harm to the mother and the child.

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