Sleep Guide For Pregnancy

Sleep Guide For Pregnancy

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Sleep Guide For Pregnancy

Sleep disturbances are common during pregnancy and almost every pregnant woman has to deal with it. The sleep patterns are disturbed because of stress and anxiety and because of hormonal imbalances in a pregnant ladies body. She also has to deal with physical stress.

As you enter the third trimester of your pregnancy you will see that the discomfort tends to increase. You will find it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position and also will have to get up often because of cramping of the bladder.

The following tips may help you to have a comfortable sleep in pregnancy:

  • Drink lots of fluids during the day but make sure that you cut down on the intake of fluids before you go to bed. This helps to minimize frequent urination during the night time
  • Exercising helps to improve your health and also helps to improve the circulation of blood. Make sure that you do not exercise towards the late evening because exercise causes an increase in adrenaline and this can keep you awake for longer hours
  • Being stressed or anxious prevents a good sleep at night. Do not worry but instead talk about any issues that you may have with someone. You could ask help from someone close to you and if that does not help then look for professional advice.
  • Have a routine that is consistent and comforting. This will keep you relaxed and let you fall asleep. Drink a cup of warm milk or take a warm shower to relax and sleep well.
  • Do not lie on your back after you are 20 weeks pregnant. Also, sleep on your left side because it lets the blood flow to the fetus.
  • Heartburn is another issue during pregnancy that could keep you awake. To prevent this, do not lie down at least an hour after you take your meal. It also helps if you sleep with your head elevated. Do not eat acidic and spicy food.
  • If you feel that you are not getting enough sleep at night the take a nap during the day. This helps to reduce tiredness. Find a spot and relax at least for half an hour. However, make sure that you time your day time sleep.
  • You could invest in a pregnancy pillow to give your body support.
  • Keep a watch on what you eat. Do not consume caffeine and alcohol and if you have to deal with nausea then stick to bland food. Have a diet that is balanced and this is crucial for yours as well as for your baby’s health. You should make sure that you take the required nutrients.
  • Snack before you go to bed. this will not let you feel nauseated in the morning and can help you sleep for long.


Even after following the above tips if you still feel that you suffer from insomnia, then consult your doctor. You need rest and if you feel that you are sleep deprived then talk to your doctor who could offer help.

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