Some of the important reasons why baby cry and how to soothe them with care

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There is no other alternative than her mother for a baby. Hence, a baby is always fully dependent on her mother. Your baby needs comfort, food, and love that baby gets only from his mother. By making different voices, the baby tries to get her mother’s attention. Baby needs her mother in different situations. Whatever the situation is, the baby always needs her mother. As soon as the baby is growing, the baby learns everything from her mother. Seven reasons baby cry and how to soothe them with care can be listed as follows.

  1. Crying because of hunger

As the baby is hungry, the baby is crying and it is the most important reason. As the baby has a small stomach, the baby can’t eat that much at a time and hence, the baby needs to feed at times. Whatever baby eats, the baby needs to feed several times within a short span of time. This time of feeding is known as responsive feeding. Though it is different for different baby, that needs to feed with a span of 2 hours.

  1. Crying because baby needs rest

A baby might be crying continuously as baby is too tired and need some rest. More the baby is young, baby needs more time to sleep. A newborn baby needs at least 14-16 hours of sleep.

  1. Crying because baby is wearing a wet diaper

A wet diaper may be irritating for the baby as the baby might feel cold at the body part where the wet diaper is touched. Hence, the baby will start crying. So it is necessary to change those wet diapers to keep him/her quiet.

  1. Crying as baby is not well

When the baby is not well, she may cry continuously in a different tone to express that she is not feeling comfortable. If it is a health issue, then you need to consult with the doctor as soon as possible.

  1. Crying because she wants her mother to take her

Sometimes a baby is crying as she wants her mother to take her in her lap and cuddle with him. Therefore, you need to hold your baby in your lap and cuddle at times to keep her quiet.

  1. Maybe baby is feeling either too cold or too hot

Either the weather is too cold or hot, she might feel uncomfortable and will start crying. You need to take proper actions (by wrapping her with warm clothes during cold or washing her body with water during summer) in order to make her feel better.

  1. Maybe you are holding her wrongly

If you are holding her wrong, she may feel pain in a particular body part. Hence, she may feel uncomfortable. When she is crying in such conditions, she is trying to seek your attention.


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