Some unique pregnancy announcement ideas

Some unique pregnancy announcement ideas
By : Minal Chaudhary

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We, as humans are always excited to share our happiness with our loved ones and pregnancy is one of the best events of a couple’s life. All the couples look forward to announcing the good news to their family with some creativity.

The first announcement, obviously, is made to the father of the child. There are numerous ways to disclose the news of the arrival of a new child in the family. Here are some of the ways to surprise the dad to be:

  • Putting a new, small and cute baby toothbrush in the toothbrush holder

This is one of the cutest ways to hint the father about his new baby. As soon as the mother gets confirmed the news of her pregnancy, she can buy a small cartoon toothbrush. She can then place it in the toothbrush holder for the dad to discover the good news in the morning.

  • Buying a measuring tape

As strange as it sounds, this is a very creative way to announce your pregnancy to the father or to the family. Buy a measuring tape, gift wrap it and give it to the dad. When he asks why, just tell him, “Our family will be growing by two feet!” Amazing, isn’t it?

  • Gift packing your pregnancy report in a colorful box

Easy way. Take your reports, pack it in a beautiful box, give it to the father and wait for his happy face.

  • The wedding ring surprise

Take your wedding ring and your partner’s wedding ring as well. Buy a teether and place it by the rings. Put an addition sign between the two rings and an equal sign before the teether. Cute, isn’t it?

Announcing the good news to the family:

The second and most important announcement goes to the family. Here are some ways to give the good news to your family:

  • Pet pictures

Yes, as some of the people adopt pets at a very young age, it brings up an adorable idea to announce your pregnancy with the help of your pet. Take a sheet of white paper and write this on it: “Mom and dad are getting me a human sibling, meow!”, And place it near your pet. Click a picture and send it to your family chat group!

  • Poetries

Well, well, well. Rhymes and poems are also an amazing way to tell the family about the new kiddo. You can make rhymes as follows:

Roses are red

Diapers aren’t fun

But in some months

We’re seeing

Baby number one

           Or you can write something like this:

Roses are red

Violets are blue

On the 17th of July

Our little munchkin is due

           Go on with such rhymes, it’ll be fun!

  1. If you have a brother in law or sister in law, here’s how you can give them the good news- Take a piece of paper and write the following message on it: Hello, here’s good news. You’ll be promoted to the post of uncle/aunt on <due date>.
  2. A new toy/chair at the dinner table: Just put a teether on the top of the table or a new small chair by your chair before dinner or lunch. Wait for the family to notice it!
  3. Baby poster: Well, buying a baby poster and pasting it on the living room wall will make it obvious and easy to guess for the entire family that you’re expecting!

There are zillions of creative ideas to share your felicity with your loved ones. Just pick the one you like and share your happiness!

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