Surprises for pregnant wife…!!!
By : Lata Rajvanshi

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Becoming a mother is a roller coaster experience which comes with moments of happiness and stress. Most women see the experience of bringing a new life on Earth as the most beautiful time of their life. However, it is not always hunky dory being pregnant. Their figure is altered, moods drop faster than a battery, fears become heightened, and get defensive instincts straight from the Jurassic Park.

Being a father is also not an easy job. While you are anticipating your child’s arrival and how you will give the world to them, your pregnant wife would be throwing a fit. She is most likely to be uncomfortable, anxious, hungry and sore. It means this is a good time to offer something extra, something above and beyond, to help ease these final days. That is why we’ve collected this range of gifts from around the globe just for your reference.

  • Flowers

The beauty and also the freshness of flowers will lighten and brighten up your wife’s mood and make her feel wanted. Therefore, next time on your way back home, buy her favorite flowers and a few chocolates to surprise her.

  • Fancy Maternity Wear

There comes a time when most pregnant women feel terrible concerning about their physical appearance. It is essential to be comfortable and feels happy during pregnancy. So, as a husband, you can do some research on trendy maternity wear and your wife’s style, and purchase the attire that’s comfy and makes her look as fantastic as she is.

  • Baby-Moon

Planning a little trip before the baby arrives would provide some relaxation to the couple; particularly for the mama to be, and make her feel rejuvenated. It doesn’t ought to be a protracted, elaborate trip; instead, it may merely be a weekend getaway. Taking your married person out on a visit may facilitate heaps in strengthening the bond between you and her while changing the state of her mind.

  • Maternity Photoshoot

Take the break day to surprise her by organizing a maternity photo shoot, to care for the journey of these precious nine months along as a handful. It would make her go Cheese!

  • Massage

The constant changes during pregnancy, specifically the physiological ones, leave her body vulnerable to all kinds of aches, swellings and so on. And for a mother to be enduring all this for the entire gestational period isn’t easy. So, a leisurely back rub would mean more than any expensive gift. Else book her one at a professional spa. What better way would be there to pamper her than a massage?

  • Maternity Health Package

Medical checkups and screening tests facilitate you and your baby to remain healthy throughout maternity. It is called prenatal care. Prenatal care is health care that a girl gets when she is pregnant. Going early and frequently for antenatal care will facilitate moms-to-be, and their babies stay healthy. It additionally involves education and counseling concerning a way to handle completely different aspects of your physiological condition. Throughout your visits, your doctor could discuss several problems, like healthy uptake and physical activity, screening tests you would possibly want, and what to expect throughout labor and delivery. Regular care let doctors notice and take care of any issues as early as possible.

  • Mama Mug

Any adorable mug can be customized with the baby’s birth year. Combine it with some coffee beans for a truly thoughtful gift. If you don’t drink coffee now, you and your partner may be surprised how parenthood can change that! This cute coffee mug set can be a daily reminder of your new identity. Here we have a ceramic mug sporting the pregnancy bump. It’s not just a mug, it is a perfect keepsake to remember your belly years later.

  • Pregnancy Pillow

Made entirely from cotton, this C or U-shaped body pillow provides ultimate comfort for the pregnant body. Your partner can place the pad for the extra support she needs, right where she needs it. The cushion styled for side sleepers; this pillow is great for bedtime. It can also be used to relax or alleviate pregnancy-related leg swelling.

This pillow has been designed by maternity specialists to contour your back and provide vertebrae and belly support. With its massive size and adequate breadth, one end of the pillow is perfect to nestle your wife’s head, whereas the opposite end provides cushion support to your legs and lower belly. The delicate precision cut, small denier fibers make the pillow flexible and hence can be adjusted to suit your sleeping position. This C shaped Pregnancy Pillow is your perfect pregnancy companion.

  • Customized Inked Jewellery

A necklace or bracelet is entirely customizable. From the length of the chain to the inscriptions on the charms, you can create the perfect gift for a new mom. The disk charm is inscribed with the new baby’s name and serves to frame the birthstone charm. Another rectangular attraction can be engraved with the baby’s birth date.

  • Mom Cushions

This cushion cover will become your favorite in first sight because of its unique design & usability. Use them as sofa cushion covers or as cushion covers for chairs, and they make a beautiful gift for your pregnant wife who really needs them.

  • Pregnancy Notes- Before, During and After by Rujuta Diwekar

If you’re getting ready for gestation, are pregnant or have delivered, gestation Notes has you lined. Rujuta Diwekar takes you thru the journey, with tips for even before you get pregnant, until once you deliver your bundle of joy. Every stage includes notes on food, exercise, and recovery. Additionally, enclosed are heritage recipes from across the country so that you’ll be able to attain the knowledge of our grandmothers. It is a must-have guide for every woman who wishes to be a mother.

  • Pregnancy Milestone Cards

This 27 milestone card has been designed to provide the best memory to all moms. Capture all the exciting milestones throughout your pregnancy. From announcing your news to documenting your bump progress each week until the birth, a beautiful way to record your unique journey and share with your child in years to come.

Being a mother is the greatest gift a woman can get from a man. But giving that wonderful feeling by the Dadda to the Momma is being pregnant together. But besides that, all our would-be-daddas can provide many more beautiful gifts to the would-be-mommas, to ease the wives of their mind-boggling mood swings and make each day of their pregnancy genuinely magical.

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