Pseudocyesis: What Exactly Is A False Pregnancy?


Aug, 2018

Pseudocyesis: What Exactly Is A False Pregnancy?

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Pseudocyesis or false pregnancy is also known by many as phantom pregnancy. The woman feels that they are pregnant seeing the false symptoms like gain in weight, morning sickness, growing belly and backache. These are the common signs that you see when you are pregnant, just that here the woman is not pregnant. Women tend to know that they are pregnant even when they do not take a test. This…

Baby Weight During Pregnancy


May, 2018

Baby Weight During Pregnancy

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  Babies grow at different rates in the womb and thus it is important to know that your baby’s weight during pregnancy is just an average. If an ultrasound tells you that the baby is small or large it should not worry you tell your doctor tells you that it is a cause for worry. At the end of the pregnancy, the weight of the baby can be five pounds…



Apr, 2018

6 Rules Of Bathing During Pregnancy

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    6 Important things to bear in Mind While Taking a Bath During Pregnancy There might be a long list of things about what to do and what not to do during your pregnancy.  One amongst this is not taking bath on a regular basis. Now, this isn’t just weird but an old wives tale that holds no relevance. In fact, a bath is a great way to soothe…



Feb, 2018

10 Noteworthy Tips and Advice for First time Expectant Mothers

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    Attaining parenthood is a major milestone in every person’s life. However, for a woman, attaining motherhood that too for the first time can be both physically, as well as emotionally intimidating. As a first time expectant mother, you may come across several scary and exciting things in your journey through pregnancy. While every pregnancy is different, yet there are certain recommendations and advice that can help you sail…